Image Source: 「コンビニカレシ」オフィシャル on Twitter

So, it’s another female-oriented show about six hot guys with something in common. This time, it’s convenience stores. Great. And I’m sure there’s one heroine with a personality as interesting as a slice of white bread for them all to swoon over, with no real romantic conclusion except “We like you for no reason!” …Wait. This anime has six heroines? And each has their own personality and romance with one of the male protagonists? Holy crap! Sign me up, please!

The number of female-oriented shows has increased substantially in the past few years—with many of these being either a) shows where only hot males seem to exist, b) shows where all the main characters are male but there’s one or two female characters that do almost nothing, or c) shows where there’s a ton of hot guys and one bland every-girl audience proxy who they all love for some inexplicable reason. It’s like female characters aren’t supposed to even have personalities or their own lives despite these shows being aimed at females. Personally, it’s almost impossible for me to empathize with these female characters, and just watching a world of all guys just hanging around isn’t exactly… interesting.

So, when Konbini Kareshi (lit. Convenience Store Boyfriend) was announced to be getting an anime, I thought it would be mostly the same. Boy, was I surprised to see the anime’s story! The story of the Konbini Kareshi anime revolves around six boys who each stop by the convenience store when heading back from school. Each of these six boys falls in love with a different girl at their school.

Before getting an anime, Konbini Kareshi began as a project by the magazine B’s-Log as a series of separate magazines bundled with drama CDs that depict the romantic encounters with the girl they fall in love with.

Image Source: 「コンビニカレシ」オフィシャル on Twitter

This kind of concept is actually very rare. And when you look at the Amazon reviews for the magazines, it’s clear as to why it’s rare in the first place. The reviews for Konbini Kareshi are drowned in sentiments like “I can’t believe the heroines are voiced and have names. Who is this supposed to benefit?” I once even talked to the fan of a popular male voice actor who told me that she gets jealous when that voice actor plays a character with a female love interest.

I watch anime not to escape from reality and become an anime girl myself to be swooned over by a horde of anime guys, but to experience a full story. Having female characters with fleshed out personalities, lives and worries of their own, and romantic interests is exactly what intrigues me. I don’t watch anime just to listen to hot male voice actors dote on me (though Kengo Kawanishi is the one exception, I admit).

I love romance stories. And more than that, I love having each male character getting together with a different heroine. I think the last time that happened in an anime I watched was Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. Having each character have their own pure romance with their own loved one is so simple and perfect that it puts a smile on my face. Sure, maybe this would never happen in real life. But that’s what fiction is for. Watching fictional couples being happy together makes me happy in return.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this kind of pure love story in anime, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see how the story will unfold and what sweet and gooey moments are in store (unintentional pun).

Konbini Kareshi is scheduled to premiere in Japan on July 7. No streaming outside of Japan has been announced at this time.

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