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The heroes from Granblue Fantasy just had an epic battle with the mystic guardian, Leviathan alongside some random strangers. But to players of the game, they weren’t so random. Here’s who came to save the day.

[Note: This article contains major spoilers for episode twelve of Granblue Fantasy.]

Having traveled to the Auguste Isles—a floating island with its own ocean—the crew of the airship, Grandcypher, are forced—after various other incidents—to battle the island’s guardian, Leviathan, the giant sea serpent. During the attack, numerous fish-shaped water creatures attack the island’s main city and the protagonist, Gran, and his companions are forced to fight against an overwhelming number of enemies. During this battle, various random characters—who, up to this point, have not appeared in the series—start fighting as well. Some even converse with the main characters. They all seem too well defined and well designed to be simple one-shot characters, and there’s a reason for this. They’re all characters from the original game.

For those who don’t already know, Granblue Fantasy The Animation is based on the smartphone game, Granblue Fantasy. The game is an RPG at heart with a story which the anime series follows fairly accurately. Most of the primary characters who have appeared in the anime series; Katalina, Rackam, Io, Eugen, and even Rosetta—who helps, but doesn’t join in the anime—can be obtained automatically by playing the game’s story.

The game also has a randomized draw system—better known in Japan as a “Gatcha.” From this, you can randomly draw either weapons or summons. Some of the weapons in turn unlock new characters. It’s these gatcha-recruited characters who make an appearance in episode twelve of the anime.

Many of the characters who show up are of the highest rarity in the game and are both extremely powerful and extremely popular among fans of the game. I myself used to play the game, and of the nine characters that have cameos, I had obtained only three. The characters all have their own individual side stories and backgrounds that are not covered in the main story of the game, but are unlocked when the characters are initially obtained and as they level up.

As someone familiar with the game and the various characters, watching the sudden parade of rare and powerful characters taking part in the anime was immensely satisfying. However, those whose only exposure to Granblue has been through the anime were probably confused as to who the various characters are. Here is a list of the characters and their appearances in the episode.

Yuel and Yodarha

Yuel and Yodarha are the first to make an appearance. Yuel, an Erune, is seen conversing with Yodarha, a Harvin, on the state of the ocean. Yodarha decides to help the battle as it will hopefully clear the blackened waters and allow her to enjoy eating fish. Yodarha agrees to help with the fight after the enemy creatures attack them.


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Gran and company encounter Narmaya, the Draph warrior, as she is walking down the street. When attacked by the enemy creatures, she dispatches them in an instant, much to Gran and the others’ amazement. She remarks that Gran has something that he needs to do and that she will help in the battle. She then turns into a flock of butterflies and goes off to fight.


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Immediately after Narmaya disappears, we see that someone is sniping the creatures from afar. This is Silva in a tower using a her rifle to pick off the creatures.


As Mary and Karva flee the creatures, Soriz comes to their aid by dropping debris on the creatures. Soriz then dispatches more of the creatures by punching rocks to use as projectiles.


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When Gran and the others are fighting a crowd of creatures, Jessica comes to their aid, using her cannon to blast the creatures away. When she herself is attacked, she uses her cannon as a bludgeon to smash them, commenting on how useful a cannon is since you don’t have to reload it to use it as a weapon.


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While Soriz is running through the port punching creatures, Feather appears, noting that Soriz has good hands. Feather remarks that after the battle is over, he and Soriz should converse with each other through their fists.


When the creatures switch tactics to a more focused attack under a central leader, Charlotta, a Harvin warrior, comes to their aid. She introduces herself as the captain of the Holy Knights.


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As Charlotta is introducing herself to Gran and his companions, Zeta is shown observing the battle from a rooftop. She remarks that she was there to observe, but with things getting out of hand she’ll have help. She leaps into the fray.

Granblue Fantasy is a pretty densely packed game. Of the sixteen islands that are currently available, the story of the anime only covers the events of the first four. Obviously, there isn’t room in the available time to get into the individual stories of peripheral characters. It’s a shame because there really is a vast glossary of interesting characters in the game that the anime hasn’t had a chance to even scratch the surface of. Hopefully they’ll be able to somewhere down the line.

Image source: TVアニメ「グランブルーファンタジー」 on Twitter

Granblue Fantasy The Animation can be viewed with English subtitles on Daisuki, Crunchyroll, Amazon Anime Strike, and AnimeLab in Australia. The smartphone game, Granblue Fantasy, is available for iOS and Android platforms as well as Google Chrome App in Japanese and English.

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