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You may have thought that the story of Chaos;Child was all wrapped up with its final episode. But this past weekend, we saw double-length sequel OVA Chaos;Child: Silent Sky and it reveals the true mystery that was lurking in the background the whole time.

[This article contains major spoilers for the Chaos;Child TV series and spoils the basic setup for Chaos;Child: Silent Sky.]

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Chaos;Child is the story of Takuru, president of his school’s newspaper club and a boy just waiting for the big scoop that will let him show just how amazing he is. He gets his chance when he realizes that several recent odd deaths are actually serial killings happening on the anniversary of a similarly bizarre series of killings from six years before.

From there, he, his best friend Serika, and his friends in the newspaper club begin investigating the crime—only to learn that many of their number are potential targets for the killer. And it only becomes more complex when superpowers are thrown into the mix.

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After several more brutal killings and superpowered misadventures, Takuru finally discovers the culprit behind the murders: Serika—and indirectly, himself. Simply put, Takuru accidently created Serika at the moment his reality altering powers first manifested. Her reason for being was clear and simple from day one: to help Takuru find purpose in life and help him achieve said purpose.

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As they grew up together, she decided that she would give him purpose by giving him a murder mystery that only he would be able to solve. In the end, he would be recognized as a hero and would have established his own place in the world.

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Upon discovering this, Takuru decided to take responsibility for everything—not just the murders but the very creation of Serika, herself. Using his powers once again, he remade her: not as a slave to his own ego as she had been, but as the idealized young woman he had always believed her to be.

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Silent Sky begins months later and follows this new Serika, living a new life in Yokohama—far away from anything that could remind her of her former existence in Shibuya. Believing she is a girl who lost her memories in an accident, she has moved on with her life, making new friends in her new school. But each night, she is greeted by flashes of memory in her dreams, proof that she has forgotten something—and someone—very important.

Invited by her friends to go shopping in Shibuya—the one place her doctors and caretakers have told her not to go—she feels driven to go. Yet upon arriving, she sees something strange: dozens of disfigured youths: the sufferers of “Chaos Child Syndrome.” But what’s odder still is that those with the disease don’t seem to realize their affliction and all see each other as normal-looking teens.

Confronted with this information, Serika finds herself drawn to the school where all the Chaos Children go—a school that is all too familiar.

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Much of Silent Sky is spent introducing us to this new Serika—the girl Takuru gave his freedom, and possibly his life, to protect. She is neither the cute ditz the old her pretended to be nor the cold, calculating person she was underneath. Instead, she is a normal, yet highly moral, girl. She wants to know more about herself but also wants to do what is right—even if she’s terrified.

Likewise, this new Serika is audibly different from her previous form. As Takuru’s best friend, she had a cheerful, high-pitched voice. Unmasked as the killer, her voice became much more deep and adult. But the new Serika’s voice is right in between—neither a fake, happy tone nor a cold, menacing one. She sounds normal: just as Takuru wished her to be.

On the plot side, the existence of Chaos Children Syndrome is the central mystery in Silent Sky: Namely what it is, why it is, and if it can be cured. Likewise, the OVA also serves to connect Chaos;Child even more directly to the overarching plot of all the Science-Adventure anime—i.e., Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, and Robotics;Notes.

But hidden villains and finding out what happened to the rest of our heroes since the end of the anime is only the surface level of what Silent Sky has to offer.

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While Serika is on a journey of personal self-rediscovery, we, the audience, are discovering that we didn’t actually know nearly as much as we thought we did. Until this point, we have been viewing everything from Takuru’s delusionally subjective viewpoint. Serika, especially the new Serika, sees the world much more objectively. This in turn redefines many of the conversations and events seen in the anime proper, giving you a reason to go back and watch the entire TV anime with new eyes.

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All in all, Chaos;Child: Silent Sky serves as both epilogue and true ending to the story. It shows us in detail the consequences of Takuru’s choice at the end of Chaos;Child while also redefining everything we have seen in the TV series. But most importantly, it gives us one final, personal look at our hero/villain pair coming to terms with each other and what they’ve done.

Chaos;Child: Silent Sky was released in Japanese theaters on June 17, 2017. There is currently no word on a Western release.

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