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The “Tournament of Power,” where the fate of universes hangs in the balance, is about to begin. But who exactly is Goku’s team set to go up against?

[This article contains spoilers up through episode 95 of Dragon Ball Super.]

The last dozen episodes have followed Goku and Gohan gathering the ten best fighters in their universe, “Universe 7,” to compete in a team battle royale against the fighters of seven other universes. Of course, there is far more on the line than just bragging rights: The winning universe survives while all the others are simply erased from existence.

Image source: 「ドラゴンボール超」公式 on Twitter

Yet while the focus recently has been on our heroes in Universe 7, we have also been given several vignettes showing some of the key players in the other universes preparing for the battle to come. In fact, there been so many of these, it can be hard to keep track of all these new fighters and what team they are a part of. So here’s a little recap of each universe’s team members that we have been introduced to so far.

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Universe 2

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Brianne de Chateau

In Universe 2, the team is being selected in an idol search/talent show like fashion in front of an audience. Brianne, appears on the surface to be an attractive, fashionable woman instead of a fighter. However, she is actually a magical girl able to transform into plump warrior of love Ribrianne—complete with all the powers you’d expect of a magical girl.

Universe 3


In a universe full of the robotic and the genetically altered, Nigrisshi is the strongest “modified warrior” of them all. He’s also equipped with cloaking technology and has unbelievable athletic prowess.

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This large robot has been modified specifically to exploit the rules of the Tournament of Power. He has claws that will allow him to climb up the outside of the ring after being thrown out and vacuum powered suction cups as a backup should those fail. His legs and arms also extend—perfect for tripping people and knocking them over the edge.

Universe 4

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We’ve only briefly been introduced to Ganos. A member of the duplicitous Universe 4, he is the one who informs his God of Destruction about the imminent resurrection of Frieza in Universe 7.

Universe 6

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As Universe 6 is a pair with Goku’s Universe 7, there are many things in common between the two universes—though often with a twist. When first introduced, Frost looked to be the Universe 6 version of Frieza—though while Frieza was an unabashedly evil space emperor, Frost appeared to be an altruistic one. Sadly, it was soon revealed that Frost only played the hero, creating problems only so he could sweep in and save the day. Revealed as a fraud, he has been on the run since we last saw him—an experience that has made him all the more dangerous.

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A thousand year old assassin and likely the strongest fighter in Universe 6, Hit is well known for killing all his targets in a single blow. However, as a hitman by trade, he is at a disadvantage in fighting tournaments where killing is not allowed—like, for example, the Tournament of Power.


Looking like a giant Winnie the Pooh with a slick, elastic body, Batamo’s main power is that he takes no damage from direct attacks. That doesn’t mean he can’t be beaten by a good judo throw, however.

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Cabba is a young Saiyan. Like the majority of Saiyans in Universe 6, he is hero and protector of his universe against the forces of evil. He is also likely his universe’s first Super Saiyan as the technique is completely unknown to him until he becomes one thanks to Vegeta.

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Like Cabba, Caulifa is a Saiyan. Unlike him, she is one of the few non-heroic Universe 6 Saiyans and styles herself a space pirate instead. She is a genius at fighting and is able to figure out a whole new method to become Super Saiyan after just a few minutes of trying—hitting Super Saiyan 2 only a few minutes later.

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Caulifla’s apprentice, Kale, is also a Saiyan. Bucking the trend, she is neither prideful nor violent. Rather, she is shy and demure. However, when her own low self-esteem combines with Cabba’s taunting, her jealousy towards him butting in on her close relationship with Caulifla transforms her into an incredibly powerful, rage-filled Super Saiyan reminiscent of the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.

Universe 9

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The strongest of the three wolf-man brothers, Bergamo is able to absorb the hits he takes and redirect the energy to make himself stronger—growing in size or redirecting the energy back at his opponent. Thus, the longer the battle and stronger the opponent, the more powerful he becomes.

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The middle wolf-man brother, Lavender uses his devious mind and deadly poison created within his body to win rather than simple fighting prowess.

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The youngest wolf-man brother, Basil fights almost exclusively with kicks. In his fight with Buu, he used a special medicine to power up. Unfortunately, outside equipment and items are banned in the Tournament of Power.

Universe 10


While Murichim and his team look powerful enough, it seems they are far more interested in muscle building than they are in fighting.

Universe 11

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As Universe 11 is protected by the “Pride Troopers”—a team of Super Sentai-like heroes—Team Universe 11 is full of these superheroes. Toppo is a classical hero of justice, determined to stamp out evil wherever he finds it—and in the current arc, he most certainly sees Goku as evil. A candidate to be the next God of Destruction, Toppo is able to go toe-to-toe with Super Saiyan Blue Goku.

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As strong as Toppo is, even he is quick to admit that Jiren is stronger—making him the strongest person in Universe 11. Everything else about him, however, remains a mystery.


Friend of Toppo and “General” of the Pride Troopers, Kahseral is a cyborg. Like the other Pride Troopers, he has a kind heart—though one that is torn between doing righting the wrongs in front of him or the fighting for greater good against bigger threats.


Looking like something between a hairless rabbit or a sphynx cat, Dyspo is a member of the Pride Troopers. He is likewise incredibly fast and knows well how to fight as a team.

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