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Things have changed dramatically in the latest episode of Sagrada Reset. Here’s how the characters managed to pull off what they did.

[Note: This article contains major spoilers for Sagrada Reset.]

The story of Sagrada Reset takes place in the strange city of Sakurada, a place where half the population has superpowers. Within city limits, people can develop law of physics-defying abilities, and when they leave the city, people forget that superpowers exist.

Time Travel and Superheroes Mix in the First Two Episodes of Sagrada Reset

The plot centers around the main protagonist, Kei Asai, a boy with the ability to recall any memory with pristine clarity, and the main heroine, Misora Haruki, a girl with the ability to reset the universe to a state where she last saved it up to three days ago. Since the third episode of the series, we’ve seen that one of Kei’s obsessions is finding a way to resurrect his friend who died two years ago, Sumire Souma. Her death happened immediately after one of Misora’s Resets, exploiting a weakness in that Haruki cannot Reset to the same save point twice, and thus could not Reset to try and prevent Sumire’s death.

Image source: TVアニメ「サクラダリセット」公式‏ on Twitter

Throughout the series, we’ve seen Kei and Misora encounter various people with various superpowers. No one individual person has the ability to raise the dead. However, by combining the abilities of multiple people he has met in the story so far, Kei has been able to do the impossible: Resurrect Sumire.

Sagrada Reset is an anime series based on a light novel series. As such, the dialogue can be rather wordy and have a lot of information packed into each episode, it can be difficult to wrap one’s head around what’s going on and why something happened. Here’s a breakdown of the individual characters, their respective powers, and how they were used to bring the dead back to life.

Youka Murase

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Ability: Youka’s ability allows her to nullify anything. By stating a specific body part and then whatever she wants nullified, she can essentially disintegrate matter by touching it or ward the effects of forces like gravity. It has also been shown that by indicating her entire body and targeting a Reset, she can bypass the effects of a Reset entirely. She can also use her ability multiple times to nullify multiple targets.

Limitations: The effects of Youka’s ability only last for a limited amount of time. Matter destroyed by Youka’s ability regenerates after a few minutes. There is also a mental factor in her ability. Youka cannot activate her nullification against anything she doesn’t truly want to nullify. If there is any subconscious hesitation—like fear of killing someone—her ability will not work.

Yousuke Sakagami

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Ability: A student who went to the same junior high as Kei and Misora, Yousuke can copy the powers of anyone he touches with his right hand to anyone he touches with his left hand.

Limitations: The copying effect only works so long as Yousuke is touching the individuals whose abilities he’s copying to and from. As Yousuke’s ability is to serve as a copying conduit, he himself does not gain or lose any abilities. The copying effect is also one-way.

Hiroyuki Sasano

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Ability: Mr. Sasano’s ability allows him to take photographs that people can enter. As his power affects the pictures he takes, the ability to enter the photographs remains even if he is not present or cannot even use his ability anymore. By holding a photograph Mr. Sasano has taken and tearing it, an individual or multiple people can enter the world of that photograph for ten minutes and interact with things and people that were photographed.

Limitations: As his pictures are essentially moments in time captured in stasis, interactivity within is limited to things as they were when the photo was originally taken and don’t have an effect on the real world. People within only have the knowledge they did at the time of the photograph. The photographs can only be used at the exact locations where they were taken. Also, only things that were within the field of vision of the camera exist within the photograph world. The photograph world and things within it last for only ten minutes, after which they disappear. Stepping out of the boundaries of the photograph returns one to the present.

Misora Haruki

Image source: TVアニメ「サクラダリセット」公式‏ on Twitter

Ability: Misora’s ability allows her to Reset the universe to the state it was when she last Saved.

Limitations: Misora is subject to the effects of her own Resets, meaning that her memory is also reset along with the universe. In order to be able to do a Reset, Misora must first Save at some point. After a Reset, the Save is nullified. Misora cannot Save twice within a 24 hour period. Due to the trauma of Sumire’s death, Misora cannot use her Reset ability without Kei’s direct instructions. It’s also important to note that a Reset is not a time loop.

How Sagrada Reset Is Not a Time Loop Story (And Why That’s Important)

So, how did they manage to resurrect a girl who’s been dead for two years?

First, after obtaining a photograph of Sumire that Mr. Sasano had taken two years ago while Sumire was still alive, Kei, Misora, Youka, and Yousuke entered the photograph. Then, Yousuke touched Youka with his right hand and the photograph world Sumire with his left, allowing him to copy Youka’s nullifying ability to Sumire. Youka then targeted her entire body to nullify the effects of a Reset. This nullification effect was copied to Sumire. Kei then instructed Misora to do a Reset.

The result is that the Sumire in the photograph world became immune to the Reset. The reset was activated, reverted the entire universe, except for Youka and Sumire to the state it was when Misora last did a Save. Because the effects of Hiroyuki’s photograph power were also reset, the ten minute limitation is no longer in play, making the photograph world’s Sumire a permanent person in the real world.

So, Sumire is alive again. Her resurrection, while miraculous, is not particularly a procedure than can be easily replicated. Likewise, whether she’s the same Sumire that died two years ago or something else entirely different still remains to be seen. As it stands, though, Sagrada Reset shows once again that with the proper combination of people and abilities, the characters can achieve more than the sum of their parts. And that’s pretty darn cool.

Image source: TVアニメ「サクラダリセット」公式‏ on Twitter

Sagrada Reset can be viewed with English subtitles on Amazon Anime Strike and on AnimeLab in Australia.

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