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Have you ever had a brother or sister? Did you ever fight? Of course you did. Because that’s what siblings do. In Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! (There’s No Medicine for My Brother!), a little sister has to deal with her elder brother’s stupidity by beating the crap out of him.

Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! is a short anime based on a series of Chinese web comics. These web comics are so popular that they have garnered over five hundred million views. The story–if you can call it that–revolves around a pair of siblings: Shi Fen, the somewhat dim-witted older brother who will do anything for food, and Shi Miao, his little sister who has to deal with his stupidity on a daily basis. Miao is usually a good kid, but turns into a violent demon when she’s angry at her brother. The two attend school with some other weird kids, including Shi Fen’s friend Kai Xin, who despite being just as stupid as Fen attracts the affections of Miao.

This anime chronicles the everyday lives of these students as they attend school. Nothing of much significance happens, but it’s still funny. For example, one entire episode follows Fen, who is determined to go eat at an all-you-can buffet for 50 percent off. The catch is, that the only way to get the discount is to go in with one’s significant other. He initially tries to go in with his own sister and pose as her boyfriend.

“Which is more important: all-you-can-eat or your pride!?” He asks.

“My pride. Go ask someone else.” She punches her brother and walks away.

Luckily for him, his best friend Kai Xin is so stupid that he’s up to throwing away his pride for cheap food. In order to get in, they have to take a picture as a cute couple, and both of them (un)willingly have that photo put on the wall of the restaurant for eternity as a sign of their “love.” In exchange, they get access to a wonderland of pasta, pizza, shrimp, fried rice, and meat.

There’s just one problem: if you leave over 200 grams of food on your plate when you’re ready to pay the bill, you’ll be forced to pay a penalty of 20 yuan (about US$3). Though it’s not that much, Shi Fen will be damned if he has to pay the fee. However, his eyes are bigger than his stomach, and the table is filled with leftover food. Their solution? Hide the extra food in mugs and underneath plates and ske-daddle the hell out of there. A few days later, his sister Miao finds the stupid picture of her brother at the entrance of the buffet with the note “This couple is banned from this restaurant.”

In another episode, Miao decides to buy a sausage on her way home. Although Fen wants one too, he ran out of money after using it on other occasions to buy food on the way home. Although Miao beats up her brother all the time, she makes a kind gesture and allows him to have “one bite.” Too bad for her she didn’t specify the size of the bite, because he pulls the entire sausage off the stick.

This anime brings back traumatic memories. After all, me and my elder brother used to fight over food all the time. I think it must be some kind of survival instinct. I actually had a similar experience when I lived with my brother. I had brought home pad thai from a restaurant, and my brother asked to eat it for lunch. Even though I said no, I came to the kitchen 30 minutes later to find a plate with the remnants of my delicious dinner. And then we started fighting, just like Miao and Fen.

Miao really does care about her brother. She shares food with him, lends him her money card at the school cafeteria, and scolds him for trying to get out of paying debts. In return, he tries to be a good big brother by carrying her to the infirmary when she gets hurt (which he fails at) and takes a shot at getting her the toy she wants at the shooting game at the fair (which he also fails at). He may have a good heart deep down, but his stupid actions cause his sister to become a violent beast–so violent, that thugs that were initially threatening Fen have to call the police on her.

Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! doesn’t have an overarching story, but it is an enjoyable few minutes of entertainment about siblings dealing with each other in everyday situations. As someone who had to spend her high school life with her elder brother, it’s a relatable and hilarious anime that’s perfect for easy watching.

Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! is not currently streaming outside of Japan and China.

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