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Well, unless you can read Japanese, anyway.

[Note: This article contains major spoilers for Re:Creators.]

In Re:Creators, characters from various popular works are brought out into the real world. Some seek to find their respective creators to alter their worlds while others have aligned with the people of this world in hopes of protecting it from a potential threat that seeks to destroy everything. As a result, various characters from popular fiction are pitted against each other—using the special abilities pulled straight from respective works.

Despite being powerful characters of fiction and fantasy, the key players of Re:Creators can very much be killed—as we’ve seen from the recent demise of the magical girl, Mamika. In the latest episode, Selesia, the red-haired swordswoman is placed in a similar situation when she is stabbed through the stomach by the blond knight, Alicetelia. With Selesia critically wounded, her creator, Takashi Matsubara, author of light novel series Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier, does the only thing he can to help: He tries to use his writing to power her up.

Image source: TVアニメ”Re:CREATORS”公式 on Twitter

As we’ve already seen, simply having the creator/author of a specific work think up and write out a new character setting or ability is not enough to change the reality of the created. However, Matsubara takes a different route, posting what he wrote previously in episode three onto the Re:Creators world’s equivalent of Twitter along with the illustration by the artist, Marine. The contents flash on the screen briefly in a flurry of tweets with far too much information and too little time to be subtitled, but fear not, that’s why I’m here.

The Rules of Re:Creators Explained

Here are translations to what Matsubara uploaded to his Re:Creators world Twitter:

“I see the soldiers of the Avalon Brigade are all scum.”

“I shall accept that as a compliment.”

Casually deflecting Selesia’s provocation, the man looked her over. His eyes were like those of a merchant evaluating a product placed before him and made Selesia feel nothing but disgust.

“I expected more from the famed knight of Vogelchavalier, but it turns out she’s nothing more than a little girl… What a disappointment.”

The man raised his hand and the soldiers surrounding Selesia slowly closed in. “I came all the way here to see you, so show me you’re worth my trouble, little knight.”

The man leaned forward, gazing into Selesia’s face. He expected to see the fear and despair in her eyes. He wouldn’t miss it for the world.

“You talk too much.”

But instead, Selesia only smiled.

“You’re the one making assumptions; now you’re disappointed? Don’t expect everything to go your way!”

Straining against the pain, Selesia raised her ruined weapon, Sword Rebellion, to the heavens.

Suddenly, a torrent of magical power erupted around Selesia. It enveloped her in powerful flames that would burn a normal man in an instant. Selesia gritted her teeth against the heat that ran across her body. But the flames did not burn her. Instead, her wounds began to heal.

Her wounds weren’t the only thing the raging flames restored. The swirling fire around her right hand was drawn into the handle of Sword Rebellion and created a blade of fire. With her newly reborn weapon in hand, Selesia roared,

“I will not be stopped here!”

After uploading the manuscript excerpts, Matsubara posts the following message along with the image Marine created to his fans:

This is a new setting I worked out with Marine. It’s still a rough draft, but if people like it, maybe it’ll show up in the actual series?

Please RS(RT)! Opinions welcome!

Previously, when the identity of the series antagonist, Altair, was revealed, a video was uploaded to Niconico Douga as a tie-in promotion. While it’d be pretty cool if they did something similar on Twitter, as far as I was able to search, I couldn’t find anything. Hopefully, they’ll do something else equally entertaining eventually. The creativeness of Re:Creators continues to keep me hooked.

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Re:Creators can be viewed with English subtitles on Amazon Anime Strike.

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  1. ANN really REALLY is into this anime very much. I do not know if you guys are trying to make Re:C look like the AOTS/AOTY. To be frank, this anime is not really that good at all. The MC is one of the worst MCs in the history and he is very unbearable and useless. Could have been Selestia or Meteora the MC. Luckily, we have Hime who is the very best part of this……. overhyped but trash show.

    • To be fair, Souta is described as the narrator, not a traditional MC. In fact, one of the first things he says in the opening narration is that he’s not the main character of this story.

      I don’t see why Souta needs to be a badass when, as you said, there are other main characters that fit the role better. (Though he does shape up substantially in the latest episode.) It’s not like he hogs screentime either (another strike against him being a normal MC). At most, he’s primus inter pares among the main characters.

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