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For heroes, helping people is their job. I suppose that includes answering phone calls from random people.

My Hero Academia is the story of young boy Izuku Midoriya, whose potential as a hero is discovered by the world’s greatest hero, All-Might. After being bestowed with the power One For All by All-Might, Izuku enters the hero school, U. A. High School, to train with the next generation of heroes.

As part of a promotional campaign, people can now call a special hotline where six student heroes will offer advice for callers’ various problems. Titled, Hero Dial, the service is currently available in Japan for a limited time.

By dialing the listed number, you’re greeted by the voice of All-Might. When he tells you to, you can speak one of several specific topic keywords. Depending on the word spoken, you’re transferred to one of the six students, who then presents you with a list of possible problems you may be seeking advice for about the keyword that you previously spoke. By pressing the corresponding button, the character then offers their own brand of advice. Whether the advice helps or not, well, that depends on you.

The following is a rough translation of what is said:

All-Might: I’m here at Hero Dial! I am the My Hero Academia No. 1 hero, All-Might. A hero’s job is to help people in need. So, as part of the U. A. High School Department of Heroes training class, we have begun accepting calls for problem counseling. Six of my adorable students will be hard at work solving problems. What is your problem? Don’t be shy! Tell us your problem topic!

Image source: 僕のヒーローアカデミア_アニメ公式 on Twitter

The characters who answer and the topic keywords they respond to are as follows.

Izuku Midoriya: Dream, Hope, Wish, Ambition, Yearning, Ideal, Aspiration

Katsuki Bakugō: Stress, Association, Hot, Frustration

Tenya Iida: Studying, School, Class, Suspension, Chairperson

Shōto Todoroki: Family, Father, Mother, Sibling, Home, Relative

Tsuyu Asui: Everyday, Rainy Season, Humid, Friends, Weather, Menu, Food

Ochako Uraraka: School Life, Romance, Allowance, Tension, School Events

Image source: 僕のヒーローアカデミア_アニメ公式 on Twitter

I’ve recently achieved my dream of becoming a professional translator and subtitler and was wondering what to do next, so I went with the keyword, Dream. Izuku then answered:

Izuku Midoriya: H-Hello! You’re calling the Hero Dial to discuss your problems, aren’t you? I-I’ll do my best to answer, so l-leave it t-*cough* *cough* *gasp* *gasp* I’m sorry! I’m a little nervous. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Izuku Midoriya. I’m a student in Class 1-A of the Hero Department of U. A. High School and I dream of being a hero who can save everyone with a smile like All-Might. I’m currently interning at the Nighteye offices, but I need to work hard to gain the approval of All-Might’s former sidekick, Sir [Nighteye]. Sir is also a huge fan of All-Might! I’d like to sit down and talk about All-Might with him some time, but… Oh, right, you’re calling to talk about your problem! S-Sorry. What kind of problem do you have? Please select from the following numbers:

If you haven’t found your dream, press 1.

If you’re striving to achieve your dream but feel like giving up, press 2.

If you’re striving straight towards your dream, press 3.

I’ll do my best to answer you!

The closest topic for me was 1, so I pressed that.

Izuku Midoriya: Um… I don’t think you should rush things. But if you’re looking for a dream, maybe you could try experiencing lots of different things. Anything is good. For example, you could pick up trash or work out or follow heroes… Anything! I’m sure you’ll find something you want to do in there. At times like that, you can feel strength rising up from deep inside. It’s really exciting! I hope you can find your dream! But it’s not absolute, is it? It’s not like you absolutely have to have a dream. It varies from person to person. I know, maybe instead of a dream, you could find a goal. Not something where you want to do or be something, but something like doing ten sit-ups and, when you do that, you set up your next goal. If you keep doing that, it might help build your confidence. All-Might said in an interview, “If you have goals, a path will reveal itself on its own.” That’s All-Might for you! I should follow his example! Oh, sorry! I got lost in my own world. Uh… Well, see you!

The call then ends with a farewell message from All-Might saying to call again anytime and to be sure to check out the latest issue of the manga which is out now.

Image source: 僕のヒーローアカデミア_アニメ公式 on Twitter

Just for kicks, I decided to check out what other kinds of advice the heroes might have, so I called again and tried out the keyword, “Stress” this time. I got a very different welcome from Katsuki…

Katsuki Bakugō: Tsk. Hello. This is Hero Dial. Huh. I can’t believe you’re actually calling a high school training class. You’ve got a lot of free time, don’t you? What? Who am I? Ugh, I’ve gotta introduce myself, don’t I? Tsk. What a drag. I’m Katsuki Bakugō from the U. A. High School Hero Department. My quirk is “Explosion” that lets me cause explosions in my hands. Hurry up and tell me your problem! …Stress?! Hearing you talk about that is stressing me out! Fine. Hurry up and choose!

If there’s someone pissing you off at school or at work, press 1.

If things aren’t going your way, press 2.

If the recent heat is pissing you off, press 3.

I pressed 2. His answer was hilariously belligerent.

Katsuki Bakugō: If things aren’t going your way, it’s all your fault! Things hardly ever go as scheduled or planned. Of course, when you get to my level, things generally go as planned. If things should happen to go an unexpected direction, use your head to deal with it. What I’m saying is that it all depends on your readiness. People who are ready never lose their cool no matter what happens. If you’ve got your own goals set, you’ll never waver, will you? Got it?! Bye!

Obviously, there are other unique messages from the other characters for people to hear. Some are more helpful than others and all entertainingly reflect the various characters’ personalities. It’s a fun, interactive way to enjoy the world of My Hero Academia and hopefully gain some perspective in overcoming any problems you might have.

Hero Dial is currently available in Japan until June 30. Note that the call is not toll-free.

My Hero Academia is currently streaming on FUNimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu.

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