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The second season of Berserk has been rife with exciting moments and character growth, and one recent episode has taken huge strides when it comes to introducing consistently awesome new developments. Episode twenty recently brought back a familiar face as our heroes explore the whole of a terrifying world rife with nightmarish creatures no one should ever have to come face-to-face with. It’s here that something awesome takes place involving a sword we haven’t yet seen in the series, one that manga readers will likely recognize and rejoice at seeing.

[Note: This article contains major spoilers for Berserk.]

Episode twenty brought Guts and company to the bizarre world of Qliphoth, a place where grotesque demons mill about, notably the lustful Slan of God Hand. The enormous Dragon Slayer, the sword Guts carries with him, has become a powerful weapon thanks to the souls of the countless monsters he has slain—it even works against Slan even when she engulfs Guts with her tendrils and seductive tone. But that’s nothing compared to what comes along with the Skull Knight, a consistently awesome character who always manages to steal the show any time he makes an appearance.

Just as Guts is wondering what he’s going to do to clean up after Slan and her nastiness, Skull Knight shows up to save the day once again. Life and death have met and swirled together in the Qliphoth to destabilize it and Skull Knight drops the wisdom that the entire area they’re currently in could be devoured if it’s not taken care of properly. So he decides it’s time to test out his “new weapon,” which Guts snidely replies with “I don’t have time for weird magic.”

Skull Knight isn’t about that life, no, instead pulling out a bizarre yet familiar blade out of red materials with eyeballs—a blade forged with Behelits taken from slain apostles and forged within the Skull Knight’s own body. It’s the Sword of Actuation, as he calls it, and that’s right, an entire sword forged from Behelits that seems to cleave through dimensions. It rips open a way out of the area for Guts and Skull Knight and crew to get to safety as Schierke does her best to hold off the advancing hordes of demons. Skull Knight simply “cleaved space” to get to a safer destination, as you do. Nothing hard, just using what looks like a squishy, mushy Behelit sword. No big deal.

Image source: TVアニメ「ベルセルク」公式‏ on Twitter

“I don’t understand anything you say,” Guts replied to this magnificent feat, and it’s pretty true that most of us don’t really get it either, but the Sword of Actuation is one badass weapon that no one should mess with, since it can, you know, cut through space and time, apparently. With that, Qliphoth closes and everyone appears to be safe once more—until the next threat rears its ugly head, anyway. Talk about taking the fast lane to get out of harm’s way.

The Sword of Actuation won’t soon go away, but it’s going to be a while before its next big appearance in the series if it indeed continues to follow the manga. But for anyone who’s always looked for Guts to triumph, it’s an awe-inspiring event to see Behelits being put to use in such a manner and only paves the way for the hopefully amazing scenes that have yet to unfold by the end of the second series. Don’t worry, there are plenty more opportunities for both Guts and Skull Knight to mop the floor with people, but you’ll just have to keep watching for all those things to happen.

Berserk is available in the US for free and with English subtitles on Crunchyroll. The Berserk manga is available in the US in English via Dark Horse Comics.

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