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In the world of Dragon Ball, becoming Super Saiyan for the first time has always been a massive hurdle. To become one, someone with Saiyan blood needs to become angry—so angry that the hidden power explodes from within.

[Note: This article contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super Episode 92.]

Image source: 「ドラゴンボール超」公式 on Twitter

The first time we saw the Super Saiyan transformation was way back in Dragon Ball Z when Goku fought Frieza. Rather than specifically trying to transform, Goku became so enraged after Frieza killed Krillin that it just happened. (Note: This was back when the Dragon Balls of Earth could only wish a person back to life one time. So as far as Goku knew, his best friend, who had died once already, was gone forever.)

Image source: 「ドラゴンボール超」公式 on Twitter

For Vegeta, it was a battle between his pride and his shame at not being able to become Super Saiyan that fueled his rage to the point where he became one. For Future Trunks, it was his anger at the Androids for killing Future Gohan—and his own inability to stop it—that gave him that form. For Gohan, it was him imagining that Frieza had killed all his friends. Future Gohan likewise gained the transformation after all his friends were killed by the Androids in his parallel timeline.

Even in Dragon Ball Super, Universe 6’s Saiyan Cabba transforms due to the rage he feels after Vegeta threatens to kill Cabba and destroy his homeworld.

Of course, now it turns out that they were all just doing things the hard way.

The current story arc of Dragon Ball Super is the lead up to a team battle royal tournament between eight universes. The winning team’s universe survives. The seven remaining universes will simply be erased. While Goku has been building his team on Earth, we’ve been treated to brief snippets of the other universes preparing their own teams as well.

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Cabba, for his part, has been attempting to get more Saiyans like himself on his team. As there are many Saiyans in Universe 6, the only real problem is that Cabba looks to be his universe’s very first Super Saiyan. In order to stand against Goku and Vegeta, Cabba knows that he must unlock the Super Saiyan power in others—namely his first recruit Caulifla.

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Without explaining what he is doing, he attempts to enrage her—much as Vegeta did to make Cabba himself transform for the first time. Of course, his attempts are heavily offset by the fact that he is clearly terrified of the female Saiyan. So instead of becoming enraged, she simply gets a bit pissed off and ready to kick his ass.

As it’s quickly apparent that Cabba just doesn’t have it in him to be mean enough to force Caulifla to transform, Caulifla instead asks Cabba to describe what it feels like to become Super Saiyan after that first time—after all, it’s not like he has to become enraged every time he transforms. Rather, all Cabba has to do is focus his energy at a specific place on his back.

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After a minute of trying, Caulifla is able to do the same and becomes a Super Saiyan. From then on the process is even easier, focusing or releasing the energy in her back to transform and revert back to her normal self respectively. This done, the two turn to teaching Kale, a third Saiyan, this new way to become Super Saiyan.

Image source: 「ドラゴンボール超」公式 on Twitter

Who knew it was so easy to become a creature of legend?

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  1. This is nothing recent. Goten and Trunks easily became Super Saiyans with no effort as kids. Goten was casually sparring with freaking Chichi. Why the article conveniently leaves that out?

    • IKR, it’s so annoying how everyone ignores that. It makes much more sense for Caulifla to transform instanly into a SSJ, then Goten and Trunks.

  2. Implying that the regular SSJ transformation wasn’t a joke already back in Z. Goten and Trunks first transformed when they were 7 and 8 years old respectively. The form has literally been a child’s play for over 20 years, why is everyone ignoring that!??!?!

    • It’s not so much ignoring that as it is we don’t know why or how they first transformed. In writing this article I re-watched the first scenes where we see them transform. Goten says he doesn’t remember when he first went Super Saiyan. Trunks likewise doesn’t say. Thus, we don’t know if they transformed through a temper tantrum or some other special way. [Update 5/30: I was incorrect about not seeing how Goten first transformed. We do see him transform in a flashback later on. When sparing with his mother, she kicks him hard he looses his temper, transforming. So we know he transformed the normal way. However, we still don’t know if Trunks transformed through a temper tantrum or some other special way.]

      On the other hand, Pan never becomes a Super Saiyan–and in GT she is older than both Goten and Trunks were when they first went Super Saiyan. And she fights as much as they did as kids. Bra also never becomes Super Saiyan (though she’s not a fighter). Remember, the entire Saiyan race did nothing but fight and, what, for centuries only Bardock ever got pissed enough to go Super Saiyan? And the Universe 6 Saiyans don’t have Super Saiyans either before DBS. So I think it’s more likely Trunks and Goten were exceptions rather than the rule.

      • I definitely just want to emphasize the idea that Goten and Trunks were exceptions to the rule and going along to further show the innate potential that Half-Saiyan/Earthling hybrids have (see Gohan). The theory pre-Super was that to unlock Super Saiyan, you needed a certain base power level and you needed to have given into rage before the form would manifest itself.

        Even in regards to Gohan, it was looking like the current potential of the Saiyan parent was being passed down to the child. Remember that before Gohan for nerfed, he was always viewed as having an even greater potential for growth than his father. Even more so when he was the one to achieve SSJ2 which is what Gone, Vegeta,and Future Trunks all failed to achieve when training during the Cell saga.

        Going back to the saiyan parent traits being passed down to the child, at the time Goten and Trunks were conceived both parents base power was much stronger than when Gohan was and they both had already achieved Super Saiyan (unsure if Vegeta already did at this time but nonetheless his potential was there).

        So now enter Goten and Trunks, who just like Gohan, are Saiyan hybrids who possess potential that would far outscale their parents. It was never mentioned how Trunks achieved Super Saiyan besides that moment he completely shocked Vegeta by proclaiming he can go SSJ too. Goten’s on the other hand was explained. He was sparring with Chi Chi and when she landed a good blow on him, He got pissed off and transformed into a Super Saiyan which completely caught Chi Chi by surprise and knowing that this might lead to dangerous battles she forbade him to use this power.

        And to take things a step further with the Fusion Gotenks, you further see this potential as he’s able to immediately go SSJ3 with the combined power levels of Goten and Trunks which is another example of Saiyan hybrids born to be OP.

        The gag in the show was that the legendary super saiyan form has become a child’s plaything but the implications as to why are much more important. Its part of the reason why I don’t particularly like Super’s way of introducing it. Even ignoring base strength stats, its ignoring the emotional element which made every initial Super Saiyan transformation so exciting. I’m really hoping that Fem-Broly’s transformation doesn’t ignore the lore that has been built up to this point =\

      • Not true at all, in fact for Goten we see him transform for the first time while training with his mother. If you’d simply gone to the DBZ wiki you’d have known this. In fact let me show you.

        • Totally my mistake there. I watched the scene where we see Goten transform for the first time (against Gohan) and assumed that Goten saying he “didn’t remember” was the beginning and end of the explanation—clearly I was wrong and you’re right: I should have continued digging. Thank you for pointing it out.

  3. I’ll give it a pass. Cabba becaame ssj when fight Vegeta, if Chi Chi was enough to push Goten then SSJB Vegeta should have been more than enough even without goig full power.
    Caulifla seem to always be angry, so going SSJ for the first time as it is being explained to her doesn’t bother me, especially since she is supposed to be an extremely talented fighter to begin with, so a temper tantrum for her would have been enough to go SSJ. Super is way better than that GT garbage, GT just threw away the fighting altogether and just focused on who had more power or the newest form, and that whole kid Goku turning into adult SSJ4 was just annoying and retarded. GT was fan service at it’s worse.

  4. From the sounds of it, Caulifla seems to be a bit of a genius, so that’s probably why she got it so easily. It also seems like Cabba is going to have a bit of a tougher time getting Kale to go LSS, it won’t be just a right away kind of thing.

    So I’d assume they wanted the first Canon famale Super Saiyan to be “Oh look, she’s a women and a genius, of course she can get it without much effort”.

    Plus, the more people know about a transformation, the less special it becomes. Now that there is a whole universe of them, I’m sure SS there will just become a standard all things Saiyans can do.

  5. Goten and Trunks, both were born/conceived post Goku and Vegeta had achieved the Super Saiyan and strength beyond that of Super Saiyan. So it at least makes sense for Goten and Trunks to be able to achieve the forms comparitively easily.
    But in cases of Caulifla and Kale and even Cabba for that matter, not having gone through even the slightest bit of pressure that the Z warriors have gone through, it is actually annoying to see that such an important transformation being attained to easily! On top of everything, Kale would be attaining Brolly’s legendary Super Saiyan form this week! Seriously WTF!!! Brolly had the hatred towards Goku which unleashed in that form! It would require some serious explanation for Kale’s transformation!

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