Re:Creators follows the character Sōta Mizushino as he unravels the mystery of why fictional characters are entering the real world and running amuck in Tokyo. The world of Re:Creators isn’t far off from many of their real world counterparts. We went to a few of the locations that appeared in the first two episodes of the series.

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park was the site of the first major conflict between Selesia and the villain Military Uniform Princess in the first episode of Re:Creators. The night battle between the two characters makes it difficult to take in the beauty of the park. But with a little sleuthing, we see the battle took place in one general area around just to the south of the Main Plaza.

Kichijoji Sun Road

Kichijoji Sun Road appears in the second episode of Re:Creators. It’s in this shopping Arcade the characters Selesia Yupitiria and Metora Österreich become acclimated to the “real” world. Just inside the entrance to the Sunroad is the McDonald’s that was turned into YcDonald’s for the series. A little further in is also the flower shop and street corner that appear for one shot. And we can’t forget the large murals seen just outside of the Sun Road by the Fujumura Girls’ Junior and Senior High School.

Inokashira Park

Inokashira Park also appeared in the second episode of Re:Creators. A lot more exposition was handled in the park. But, two of the key features of the park were also in the episode, the Inokashira Benzaiten and the Inokashira Zoo entrance. The small shrine is devoted to the Benzaiten, the Shinto patroness of music, poetry, learning, and art. Inokashira Park is also mainstay in another anime series: Occultic;Nine.

The Real World Locations of Occultic;Nine

Ikebukuro Sunshine City

The second episode of the series features a large battle between Selesia and Metora against the magical girl Mamika Kirameki in broad daylight at the Ikebukuro Sunshine City. One of the larger shopping districts in Tokyo, the Ikebukuro Sunshine City hosts office buildings, a shopping mall, and a convention center. And Selesia and Mamika do a fair bit of property damage in the plaza outside the convention center and shopping mall. Thankfully for us, we don’t have to worry about magical knights and schoolgirls tearing up the area when we visit.

It’s a surreal experience visiting three places that appear in Re:Creators. So, to think we can actually go see where the characters talked and fought sheds a new light on all the locations around us. And this was just in the first two episodes of the series.

Re:Creators can be viewed with English subtitles on Amazon Anime Strike.

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