Have you ever wanted to eat a Pokémon? Maybe snack down on a Yo-kai? Or maybe take your Beyblading to the next level with some desserts? Then the new limited-time cafe near Tokyo Skytree celebrating the fortieth anniversary of Coro Coro Comic—the long-running manga magazine for children—might have to be your next stop on your sightseeing tour.

Coro Coro Comic is a manga magazine aimed at young boys. Some of its more recognizable manga include the manga adaptations of Beyblade Burst, Pokémon, Yo-kai Watch, Super Mario Bros., and Inazuma Eleven. It’s also the home of Mysterious Joker and 100% Teacher Pascal, which both have been adapted into anime themselves.

While the magazine is aimed at children, the menu for the cafe is made to satisfy not only the kids, but the parents bringing them along. With forty years of history, there have to be some moms and dads out there that have fond memories of the magazine and its many series.

Here’s a look at just a few of the items on the menu:


The “100% Teacher Pascal’s 65% Mango Smoothie ~Class Chapter~” drink is a mango smoothie comprised of not just mango, but plenty of yogurt as well. The top is finished off with a large helping of whipped cream and mango sauce. The tasteless chalk board cracker reads “First Period – 4th Year Class 1.” It costs 950 yen (about USD $8).

The “We’re All Friends! Yo-kai Chocolate Medal Banana Smoothie” drink from Yo-kai Watch is topped with blue and red sauces to represent Jibanyan. The smoothie costs 950 yen.

The “Arashi’s Red Eye ~Mix it Up With the Flame Lever~” is from Game Center Arashi, a classic manga and anime. The drink is themed after protagonist Arashi’s special move, The Flame Top. This drink costs 980 yen (about USD $9).

All drinks come with one of 14 coasters with illustrations from various Coro Coro Comic manga.


The “I Choose You, Pikachu! Look Over Here Pumpkin Pasta” is white pasta in a pumpkin cream sauce. The ears and tail are made out of Dorito-like chips with extra spice powder on top. The black markings are made with bitter unsweetened chocolate. The Pokéball is made out of fresh mozzarella cheese (the white portion), half a cherry tomato (the red portion), and a strip of seaweed (the black line). This pasta will cost 1,380 yen (about USD $12).

The “I Choose You, Pikachu! Go in Your Pokéball! Burger” dish has cheese with Pikachu’s face on it, and a bun designed to look like a Pokéball. It will cost 1,380 yen.

This “Jibanyan’s Pork Stroganyoff” is pork stroganoff with Jibanyan’s face on it. You can chow down on this dish for 1,480 yen.

This “No Meat? Tsuru Peko Soybean Hamburg Steak Curry” is based on the Tsurupika Hagemaru manga. Get a bite of this vegetarian curry for 1,480 yen.

The “Pascal Teacher’s Perfect Omelet Rice” has an egg-ified version of Pascal riding on rice and a pool of demi-glace sauce. It costs 1,380 yen.


The “Let’s Play Soccer! Raimon Eleven’s Super Dimensional Parfait” not only has a dollop of whipped cream shaped like a soccer ball on top, but also a paper soccer field around the glass. It costs 1,280 yen.

The “Bey Battle Mille-feuille Stadium”is based on Beyblade, and recreates battles from the series. The plate above features Max and Ray. The ice cream comes in vanilla, blue Hawai’i, and chocolate flavors. It costs 1,480 yen.

The “Gebe Bun” is a sweet red bean bun based on Gebe from the Grandpa Danger manga and anime. You can take a look at them at their place near the register if you’re not up for eating one. If you are, each bun costs 680 yen (about USD $6).

The entire cafe is decorated in panels and illustrations from various Coro Coro Comic manga.

All customers get placemats with images of such series as Super Mario-kun, Splatoon, and Beyblade.

Even the menu looks like an issue of the magazine.

Pascal Teacher peeks out from behind the tables.

Despite their busy schedules, ten manga creators from Coro Coro—including Shinbo Nomura (Tsurupika Hagemaru), Manavu Kashimoto (Croket!), Hiro Morita (Beyblade Burst), and Kazutoshi Soyama (Dangerous Jii-san)—came to visit the cafe and write their autographs on the cafe’s wall.

From left to right: Shinbo Nomura (Tsurupika Hagemaru), Kazutoshi Soyama (Dangerous Jii-san), Hiro Morita (Beyblade Burst), Yuji Nagai (100% Pascal-sensei), Makoto Yoshimoto (Usotsuki! Gokuo-kun) (top), chief editor Makoto Wada, Shigenobu Matsumoto (Duel Masters), Manavu Kashimoto (Croket!), Yukio Sawada (Super Mario-kun), Hideyasu Takahashi (Mysterious Joker) (bottom)

The Tokyo Solamachi near the Tokyo Skytree is also collaborating with Coro Coro. Fans can go take a picture to commemorate their visit.

One of the hallways in the Solamachi is also decorated with a collection of all the covers from the magazine’s history, from the very first to the latest.

The cafe will be at the Tokyo Solamachi building’s fourth floor near the Tokyo Skytree in Tokyo from May 13 to September 3.

The newest Pokemon anime—Pokémon Sun & Moon—is airing in North America on Disney XD, along with Yo-kai Watch. Beyblade Burst, as well as other Beyblade anime, are streaming on Daisuki. Pascal Teacher 100% is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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