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The first two episodes of Re:Creators set up the overall premise and conflict. The next two set up the rules of a world where fictional characters comes to life. This latest episode does the final major bit of setup for the anime, giving us the status quo for here on out.

The Rules of Re:Creators Explained

Since the beginning of the show, our heroes Selesia and Meteora have been scrambling from one crisis to another as they try to figure out their places in our reality—or, as it is to them, “The World of Gods.” Homeless and without anything in the way of wealth, they have been reliant on the humans in our world—namely Sōta, Matsubara, and Marine—for food, clothing, and shelter.

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Image source: TVアニメ”Re:CREATORS”公式 on Twitter

All the while, the incursions by other “Created”—i.e., the characters from fictional worlds—have continued. This has led to battles between the various Created—as well as fights between Created and humans from our reality.

With such a chaotic flux, things were always destined to come to a head before a true status quo could be established—which is exactly what happens in episode five.

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With the arrival of Rui and his dozen story tall giant robot “Gigas Machina,” the Created can’t exactly act from hiding anymore—especially once the Japanese government panics and sends a strike team to capture Selesia, Meteora, and Rui. Of course, they don’t quite understand that soldiers are no match for these fictional heroes and their newly arrived giant robot.

Once the crisis is at an end, however, all the Created and their human allies sit down to talk to the Japanese government’s representatives and hammer out the status quo for the rest of the series.

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Selesia, Meteora, and Rui will basically be tasked with stopping Created-related attacks that destabilize our reality while also searching for “The Military Uniform Princess.” In return, they basically become government employees—giving them the means to be self sufficient. Food and other daily necessities are now no longer a problem.

However, due to the nature of the threat—i.e., that public panic will only further disrupt our reality— the government also agrees to cover up the existence of the Created. This, in turn, tells us that for the foreseeable future there will be no panicked riots to sidetrack the story away from the main plot. Moreover, this lets Selesia, Meteora, and Rui pass for human instead of being recognized for what they truly are.

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The deal with the government also implies that the government will take care of any collateral damage caused by clashes between fictional characters—which, if the first two episodes are any guide, could be substantial.

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Episode five also ties up some loose ends and plot holes from previous episodes. It reveals the timeline of events for the show—from when “The Military Uniform Princess” first arrived in our world till when other Created clashed off screen. It also explains how exactly Metora got her hands on her arsenal of rocket launchers. Filling these holes is necessary as it allows us to move on with a clear slate for our new status quo.

Image source: TVアニメ”Re:CREATORS”公式 on Twitter

Of course, now the only real question is how long this status quo will be able to go on as every fight, no matter how well intentioned, leads us one step closer to having our reality—and all connected fictional realities—snapping like an overstretched rubber band.

Re:Creators can be viewed with English subtitles on Amazon Anime Strike.

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