Grew up watching Cardcaptor Sakura? At the new limited-time Cardcaptor Sakura shop at the Kiddy Land store in Tokyo’s fashion district Harajuku, Osaka’s business district Umeda, Kichijōji, and Fukuoka, Sakura-lovers will be able to get their hands on some merchandise that’s not only adorable, but also practical.

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Here’s a look at the merch:

Kiddy Land will have its own set of postcards that will only be available at the store. Each set of five postcards will cost 700 yen (USD $6).

These narrow plastic folders are just one of many items that are on sale early at Kiddy Land before they reach stores all over the country of Japan. Each folder costs 500 yen (about USD $4). Just note that the design of the folder can not be chosen when you purchase it, making it a blind buy.

These cute sticky notes cost 400 yen (about USD $3) a pad.

The clear mini purse keychains cost 600 yen (about USD $5) each, and there are four variations: pink, blue, yellow, and purple.

Write your fanfictions with official Cardcaptor Sakura ballpens! They only cost 650 yen, and come in two different colors.

These stylish plastic folders cost 350 yen (about USD $3) apiece.

Get ahead in school with one of these gorgeous Cardcaptor Sakura notebooks. Each one costs 350 yen, and there are three variations: pink/white, red/blue, yellow/pink, and blue/green.

These mini bags cost 800 yen (about USD $7) apiece.

These cute mini mirrors with similar designs to the bags cost 640 yen (about USD $5.60) apiece.

This Kero face plushie can be yours… for the price of 2,600 yen (about USD $23).

The shop will be available from May 20 to June 2. In addition, the Tokyo and Osaka shops will have giant Kero and Spinel mascots that will come to visit. Kero will be in Tokyo, while his buddy Spinel will hang out in Osaka. Both mascots will make appearances at their respective stores on May 20 and 21 at 1 PM and 3 PM. Get a picture with them before they’re gone!

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Discotek has re-released the first Cardcaptor Sakura film on DVD and Blu-ray in North America, while NIS America has re-released the TV series on home video. Crunchyroll is streaming the original TV series with subtitles, an the new television anime taking place after the first anime series will premiere in January 2018. An OVA for the new TV series will be released as a bonus bundled with the third manga volume in Japan on September 13.

Image Copyright: ©CLAMP・ST・講談社/NHK・NEP

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