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Re:Creators episode five ends by revealing a lot about the identity of the “Uniform Military Princess” and her creator. Unfortunately, much of that information was left untranslated. But fear not, we’re here to help.

[Note: This article contains major spoilers for the current antagonist of Re:Creators]

Image source: TVアニメ”Re:CREATORS”公式 on Twitter

The story of Re:Creators revolves around characters from various popular media suddenly appearing in the real world. One common thread between the characters that appear is that they are all approached by the character, the Uniform Military Princess, a enigmatic woman who wields multiple sabers.

Ever since his initial encounter with her in episode one, the series protagonist, Sōta, has been hounded by suspicions that he’s seen the Uniform Military Princess before. Unable to identify her or the source material she has come from, she has remained a mystery with the main characters left guessing as to what her motives are.

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Episode five ends with Sōta returning home and sitting in front of his computer. Still convinced he knows the Uniform Military Princess from somewhere, Sōta suddenly recalls a text message from his past. The flashes of memory on screen are brief and cropped, but the contents say:

“…was—. I really appreciated it. Thank you—“

“This is a new [story]. As I told you before, using the name of stars—
This will probably be the last one. I hope she will be loved—

Recalling the face of a glasses-wearing girl, another memory of a text message appears saying:

“Is it okay? Is it okay? Is it all right for me to want to draw?”

“Don’t ask me—
it happened—“

Sōta recalls the girl’s name, “Shimazaki,” and quickly types the words “Star” and “Name” into a search engine, pulling up 31.2 million results. The first few are your basic search engine results. “wrokedia”—the Re:Creators world’s version of Wikipedia—has a list of fixed stars visible from Earth, a list of the names of the planets in the solar system, etc. He finally comes upon a wrokedia article on the brightest star in the Aquila constellation and part of the Summer Triangle, Altair.

Image source: TVアニメ”Re:CREATORS”公式 on Twitter

He highlights “Altair” and does a search based on it, coming up with similar database search results on the star. He scrolls through the results until he finds the result titled, “[Divine Comedy] Altair Discussion Thread – The 40th Saber – [World Etude]” with the description:

“This thread is for discussion about the fan-made character, Altair, from Megalosphere: The Eternal Great War. *Video link “World Etude” *Related thread [Divine Comedy] Altair Discussion Thr…”

He clicks on the link bringing him to 5channel—the Re:Creators world 2chan. The camera then focuses on various posts saying things like:

“The original/source character, Shirotsumekusa (White clover) too, please!”

“Where did Altair’s sabers come from?”

“Her visual design makes her seem rather stern, but why is she a princess with pigtails?”

“I wish they could to a collaboration with the original source material.”

“I love the military uniform design. She stands out among all the cutesy pandering characters.”

Image Source: アニプレックス on YouTube

Sōta stops at a link to a video titled, “World Etude” by the author, Setsuna Shimazaki. The video description has a message from the author saying:

“I loved drawing pictures.
I appreciated all the support.
A lot happened.
It all started from a trivial thing.

This is Sesuna Shimazaki’s final work.

I doubt we will ever meet again.”

The visible comments in the comments sections read:

“God song!!”

“I’ve been watching it over and over”

“The author’s comments are freaky”


“Here it comes”

“I love this scene”

“When’s the sequel?”

“Military uniform with sabers seems pretty cliche LOL”

“That’s what makes it good”

“I want her to step on me”


“Three million views!!”

“It’s still going strong!”


“How does it feel, haters?”

“So, how does it feel?”

“Must have been fun scheming”

“This is really amazing”

Sōta plays the video and sees images of the Uniform Military Princess, revealing where he’d seen her before.

From the brief, one minute info dump, he have now learned that the Uniform Military Princess is likely a fan-made/doujin character named Altair based on another work called Megalosphere: The Eternal Great War. She was created by a girl from Sōta’s past who went by the online pseudonym, “Setsuna Shimazaki” and it’s likely that there was some incident—very likely a negative one—involved in Altair’s creation.

Image source: TVアニメ”Re:CREATORS”公式 on Twitter

This is a pretty impressive reveal for this early on in the series. However Re:Creators is scheduled for 22 episodes, so I’m sure there will be plenty more exciting twists and turns to come.

Re:Creators can be viewed with English subtitles on Amazon Anime Strike.

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  1. I bet that Sesuna Shimazaki was the girl who comitted suicide in the first epiosde by throwing herself under a train. There’s still one question left. Why????

    • It’s looking like she is. I’m hoping we’ll find out soon.

  2. The events involving Setsuna seems to have occurred in August, or close to that (the date on which the video was posted). The anime seems to have started in November (given the calendar of the protagonist in episode 1). This video was posted at a later date to NatsuComi too…
    …I’m really looking forward to seeing everything fit.

    Anyway, good job! Your text ‘ll probably help a lot of people that doesn’t speak japanese.

    • Thank you! I certainly hope it helps!

  3. Thank you very much for this. Lol. That just helped make me like the episode even more. Can’t wait for the final 3-4 character reveals, and everything else that’s gonna come afterwards. Hiroe’s magic is starting to shine.

    • You’re quite welcome! I saw the subtitles and they were (due to subtitle restrictions and such) sadly lacking in information.

  4. the world etude video is real
    and it’s uploaded before the anime airs

    • That’s pretty cool. I love it when they do publicity stuff like that.

  5. Is Sōta even listed on the Japanese sites as protagonist?
    He states in episode one he is not only the narrator.
    His character is not acting as protagonist in the story so far except this scene. Story mostly a ensemble drama so far but other characters have better claim right now to main character title.
    I just taking this as stated, narrator characters are rare in modern fiction but Shakespeare used them amongst many others. And normally they start the story state in some way they are narrating and then become minor sometimes very minor characters in the story.

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