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…then it’d be currently airing anime Love Tyrant.

Love Tyrant is the story of Seiji, your average high school boy living an average high school boy’s life—until the day a darkly clad, demonic figure arrives at his door brandishing a black notebook and foretelling an impending death.

Being anime-savvy, Seiji jumps to the conclusion that the demonic girl, Guri, is a shinigami (angel of death) and the notebook she’s holding is a Death Note—a notebook that kills anyone whose name is written within.

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What Seiji doesn’t know, however, is that he is in an over-the-top romantic comedy. Therefore, it’s not a Death Note, but rather a “Kiss Note”—and despite her appearance, the girl before him is not an angel of death but rather a cupid.

While the Death Note is for reaping souls, the Kiss Note is for making people fall in love. And like the Death Note, the Kiss Note comes with its own set of rules.

  • If a name is written in the Kiss Note, they must kiss someone within 24 hours.
  • If they do not, the Cupid will die.
  • Also, the person whose name is written will remain a virgin forever.
  • If two names, connected by an X are put into the Kiss Note, they will kiss within 24 hours.
  • The futures of all couples created using the Kiss Note are forever intertwined (this usually means marriage).
  • Only a cupid can write names in a Kiss Note.

With his name written accidentally in the Kiss Note by Guri, Seiji has only 24 hours to choose his eternal partner in love—or be a virgin forever. Of course, Seiji doesn’t want someone to be forced to fall in love with him by magic so he sets out to find out if the girl he has a crush on at school, Akane, likes him in return.

As it turns out, she does and is more than happy to be linked to him forever. Unfortunately, she’s none too happy to find out that Seiji is palling around with Guri—and by “none to happy,” I mean she tries to literally murder Guri with the long knives she keeps hidden on her person.

Akane is a full blown “yandere”—a character who appears normal on the outside but is jealously homicidal when it comes to matters of love. Of course, this doesn’t stop Guri from pairing the two—and then adding herself to the “couple” just for the hell of it. This in turn reveals a few more rules to the Kiss Note.

  • More than two names can be connected by Xs in the Kiss Note.
  • If a cupid is paired with a human in the Kiss Note, the human becomes immortal.
  • A human paired with a cupid must follow the heavenly rules of a cupid. Thus, if the cupid doesn’t do her job, the human as well as the cupid will be sent to hell.

Thus, Seiji is left romantically bonded to the two girls forever—a yandere who won’t stop stabbing him and an irresponsible cupid who doesn’t want to do her job.

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But this is just the start of their over-the-top adventures. Soon lesbian stalkers, forbidden romance-seeking teachers, and crazy sadists become caught up in Guri’s matchmaking schemes and Seiji finds himself doing his best to simply weather the storm.

If you like the idea of a comedic twist on Death Note or simply like your slapstick and situational comedy to come at you fast and hard, give Love Tyrant a try.

Love Tyrant can be seen with English Subtitles on Crunchyroll and with an English Dub on FUNimation.

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    • Sounds like Dokuro-Chan crossed with Death Note, and a slight pull back from constant violence. Slight. Maybe just less blood and gore.

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