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While the starting episodes of Re:Creators were heavy on action, the last two episodes have spent their time doing the important job of laying down the rules of a reality where fictional characters invade our world.

Both our heroes and villains are working based on one major assumption: the authors and artists of our world are the creators of a multiverse of worlds. It’s not that writers and artists “see” an already existing world and simply put it down on paper; they create literal worlds through their art—be that anime, novels, or games.

That doesn’t mean they have to create every single detail, however. It’s not necessary, for example, to think about every stitch of a fictional character’s clothing. Rather, all a creator needs is to have a general idea of the costume design and then craft a world where such an item could be made. The world itself fills in the little gaps.

Image source: TVアニメ”Re:CREATORS”公式 on Twitter

Sometimes, leaving out details causes interesting quirks in the worlds the author may not have intended. It’s implied that Selesia’s author doesn’t write much about smells in her novels, so it seems to her that our world is full of them. Likewise in magical girl Mamika’s story, there is neither bloody battle nor collateral damage—so these concepts are completely foreign and shocking to her.

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Details are important for the mindsets of the fictional characters as well. All the “Created” in Re:Creators have exaggerated personalities. Meteora is your stereotypical “kuudere” character: always serious, nearly monotone, and with a dry sense of humor. Mamika is super innocent and melodramatic—viewing the world with black and white morality and crying at the drop of a hat. Thus they clearly stand out both in the story and in our world.

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However, the more nuanced the character, the more easily they are able to understand complex ideas like morality and cope with the new world/situation they find themselves in. Selesia has quite literally met her god and yet is able to treat him like a normal person—even being able to bicker with him.

Interestingly, the characters don’t necessarily remember their entire stories. Rather, they only know what they would know up to the moment they were removed from their respective stories.

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Selesia is from the anime version of her story, so she only knows of the events in it—and not what twists and turns have happened in the recent novels of her adventures. Meteora, on the other hand, is from the ending of her game, so she knows everything that a player would know.

Along with their personalities and histories, the “Created” that have come to our world have the powers that they would have inside their own stories—for the most part, anyway. Selesia can fly and has a magical sword with a blade that seems to appear from nothing.

However, there are limits. Meteora, for example, can fly, create protective barriers, and summon a multitude of rocket launchers—but she can’t cast a spell to repair Sōta’s room.

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Our reality is struggling to make the impossible fit within the limits of our physical world. With technology, flight can be achieved. Likewise, rocket launchers already exist and shooting many at once is certainly possible. But having a trashed room rebuild and reorder itself with no external influence? There is no force in our reality that could do that or anything similar. Thus, it doesn’t work—it’s just too far removed from anything that could even potentially happen in our reality.

Moreover, while most of the Created’s powers work, they are altered to better fit the physical laws of our world—to become as close as possible to something that could exist. Magical girl Mamika’s heart-shaped blasts only damage bad guys in her world. But in our world, each blast is equivalent to a grenade blast—capable of destroying even concrete with ease.

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In other words, our reality is stretching itself to try and contain these contradictions—to normalize the Created. However, how long it will be able to do this is the question. In fact, this seems to be The Uniform Military Princess’ evil plan.

By bringing more and more fictional characters into our world and forcing them to fight with their reality-bending powers, it will become harder and harder for reality to compensate. Eventually, reality will break—and all the worlds of the Created will be destroyed along with it.

Image source: TVアニメ”Re:CREATORS”公式 on Twitter

While the creators have made whole worlds through their writing and art, this doesn’t mean they can simply change a few words on a page and turn their visiting protagonists into invincible powerhouses.

Much of the third episode is spent fleshing this out. To try and figure out the exact connection between creators and Created, Meteora sets up a series of tests. First, they try to give Selesia a flaming sword spell—something that would fit in her world but not something she has in her story—by having the author write a single line to summon the blade. It doesn’t work, proving it takes more than just words on the page to alter a Created’s reality.

Image source: TVアニメ”Re:CREATORS”公式 on Twitter

Next, they kick it up a notch and make the flaming sword spell more like a real piece of the source material. Selesia’s author writes a full scene while the official character designer uses the scene as inspiration to draw the flaming sword attack. But even when Selesia puts her all into it—mimicking her own pose in the newly made art and shouting the spell with conviction—the spell still doesn’t work.

This implies that there is a third player in the relationship between creator and created—that of the observer. It is not enough for the author to create a scene, the scene must be read and become part of the popular conscious image of the character. So, for example, if Selesia’s author put the story and accompanying art on his blog and it was then read by all the fans of the series, it’s likely that Selesia would be able to call forth the flaming sword.

Image source: TVアニメ”Re:CREATORS”公式 on Twitter

However, The Uniform Military Princess’ allies hope to bypass the need for observers by stretching our universe to its limit and hopefully causing all the above rules to break down. Thus, all it would take is the author’s rewriting their worlds into paradises for it to become so.

Of course, those siding with The Uniform Military Princess don’t necessarily share her nihilistic goal nor do they likely even know of it. They simply believe she is helping them make their worlds better. They have no idea that in doing this, they are almost certainly setting up our world, their own, and countless others for destruction.

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  1. I get a feeling that this anime will require a second season to fully complete everything it wants to. Though I guess that also depends on how many more characters they want to add and how many more info-dump sessions we’ll get, and whether or not the Military Uniform Princess will prevail by the end of this season.
    The character’s abilities interest me a lot, so that’s probably one reason why I’m already missing the action (the Black Lagoon effect, I shall call it), but I hope they strike a perfect balance between action and exposition throughout the rest of the show. It would also be interesting to see what would happen if a character were to end up dying in the real world. Like how their Creator would react and how it would impact the story that they’re a part of? Or would the Creator just be able to bring them “back to life” by simply continuing to draw them as if nothing happened? Who knows what Hiroe has in that mind of his.
    Anyway, I guess I just want this to be extremely fun to watch because I’ve been spoiled by Black Lagoon and I’m dying for a third season, but I’ll take what Re Creators is providing for now. At the very least, it is overflowing with potential.
    AND the soundtrack is epic. June seems to be the month of music with Re Creators, Attack on Titan, and Boruto’s all coming out. Such an amazing first half of the year for anime (and PS4 gamers). Japan’s killing it. Lol.

    • Re:Creators is set to run for 22 episodes so it is a 2 cour series that hasn’t even reached the 1/4 point. So we have plenty of time for action and development.

      I am a big fan of the soundtrack as well. SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] can really do no wrong in my eyes: Kill la Kill, Attack on Titan, Gundam Unicorn, Aldnoah.Zero… the list goes on and on.

      • Yeah, I know it’s 22 episodes, but since it’s going to run all at once, I just treat it as one season. We’ll see how they handle it though. If it’s only going to be 22 episodes, they can’t have many episodes where the main plot is virtually at a standstill like it was in the latest episode.

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