How many of us as kids wanted to be Link from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time running through Hyrule Field, sword in hand, shield on our back? It’s actually pretty amazing that it took someone so long to make an official one, but it’s here: Banpresto’s Ichiban Kuji goods lottery is bringing us the real Hylian Shield… and an umbrella made to look like the Master Sword.

Each try at the “Ichiban Kuji The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Lifestyle” lottery will cost 620 yen, and all customers are guaranteed to win a prize of some rank. Here’s a look at what you could win:

A Prize — Hylian Shield Shoulder Bag (1 type)


It’s not just amazingly awesome visually–it can also be used as a backpack. If you get the B Prize Master Sword as well, you can stick it in the bag’s pocket and look like a true hero. This bag measures 35 cm in length.

B Prize — Master Sword Foldable Umbrella (1 type)


This 90 cm umbrella can be sheathed in a case decorated with the symbol of the Triforce. Even the handle is made to resemble the one seen on the Master Sword.

C Prize — Heart Plate (1 type)


Replenish your health with this pixelated Heart Container plate that looks like the ones that appeared in the more retro titles. It measures 20 cm in length.

D Prize — Effectone (2 types)


These “Effectone” toys are basically sound boxes that play two famous tunes from The Legend of Zelda: the melody played when opening a treasure chest, and the song that plays when the player solves a puzzle. The winner of this prize can choose the Effectone of their liking.

E Prize — Card Case with Strap (5 types)


These cases are decorated with illustrations of recognizable The Legend of Zelda items and characters, including the Cucco, Navi, and that creepy evil moon from Majora’s Mask. Stained glass illustrations based on The Legend of the Zelda: The Windwaker are also available. Each case can carry a card in it–for example, a train pass. Lucky winners of this prize can choose the design they prefer.

F Prize — Breath of the Wild Glasses (5 types)


Fans of the newest Zelda can get their paws on these glasses themed after The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Winners of this prize can choose the 8 cm-tall glass they like the most.

G Prize — Rubber Goods Collection (7 types)


This prize contains a variety of rubber keychains themed after retro Zelda sprites, and even has some key covers in there. Winners of this prize will receive one of these keychains at random.

Last One Prize — Breath of the Wild “Open Your Eyes” Alarm Clock (1 type)


When a customer draws the last lot, they are given the “Last One Prize”: an alarm clock featuring a voice sample from Zelda from Breath of the Wild.

Double Chance Prize — Hylian Shield Shoulder Bag (1 type)


For every lot a customer draws, they are able to apply once online for a “Double Chance” prize. This alternate color of the shoulderbag will be sent to winners.

This Ichiban Kuji lottery will be available to play at select 7-11 convenience stores, arcades, bookstores in Japan and more beginning on May 20. You can check for a full list of stores at Banpresto’s official website (note: this page is in Japanese).

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild shipped worldwide last month for the Nintendo Switch.

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