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Re:Creators is an anime that follows fictional characters from wildly different genres who are brought into our world and are forced to deal with not only the implications of their existence, but the undeniable fact that their gods—the people who literally created them—are somewhere nearby and can be met.

We Saw the First Episode of New Psychological Fighting Anime Re:Creators

[This episode contains spoilers for the second episode of Re:Creators.]

The second episode of the series deals with the arrival of Magical Slayer Mamika, a magical girl, and her inability to truly understand how different her fictional world is from the one she now finds herself in.

Image Source: TVアニメ”Re:CREATORS”公式 on Twitter

At this point in the series, there are basically two sides to the conflict: the “Military Uniform Princess” who is intent on gathering fictional characters to cause chaos in the real world, and fictional characters Selesia and Meteora, who want to look for their creators on their own terms.

Magical Slayer Mamika is the latest recruit of the Military Uniform Princess; she comes to Selesia and Meteora in the hopes of convincing the pair to join her in forcing their various creators to make their worlds better.

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Mamika is your typical, traditional magical girl character a la Pretty Cure or similar series. Being from an anime aimed at kids, she has a straightforward morality. To her, it’s simple: Her world—as well as Selesia and Meteora’s respective worlds—were created by the “gods” who live in our world. Therefore, the people in trouble or pain in those fictional worlds can be saved by these “gods.” A pure and simple person, Mamika can’t forgive the gods who would make their worlds anything less than peaceful and perfect.

Selesia, on the other hand, doesn’t view her world as a horrible place full of fighting as Mamika suggests. Rather, it is a world worth fighting for. She understands that her creator is the cause of her world’s problems, but she wants to get to know her god and his thoughts—to find out why her world is the way it is—before doing anything rash.

However, Mamika is a magical girl from a world with magical girl rules and magical girl morality. So she reacts emotionally to Selesia’s logic. If she can just make Selesia understand her feelings, then Selesia will understand that she is wrong and will become an ally—that’s just the way it works in her experience.

And what happens when you can’t get your feelings through in a magical girl show? You fight.

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In the battle that ensues between Selesia and Mamika, Mamika fights as she would normally—but our world does not follow the rules Mamika is used to. It’s only after hitting Selesia with her most powerful attack that Mamika starts to realize how different our world is from hers.

The immediate area has been decimated by Mamika’s heart-shaped explosions and falling rubble from the buildings she accidentally hit. Selesia is not only beat up, she’s spitting up blood. Mamika is legitimately surprised to see Selesia is actually hurt. Especially because she comes from a magical girl story for kids—one without blood.

Visibly shaken by this, Mamika tries to get back on script—get back to the way the fight would go if it happened in her world. She has used her big attack and now it’s time for her opponent to repent and surrender.

Only, Selesia doesn’t play along. In Selesia’s story, people don’t just give up on what they believe in because they were beaten in battle. If they believe, they fight to the end—one end or the other.

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Mamika see this as nothing but a final bit of useless stubborn bravado—as it would be in her original world. Selesia has been beaten; it’s only natural that she repent and become an ally. Instead, Selesia slices into Mamika’s side when the magical girl offers her a hand.

This leaves Mamika even more shocked. Not only was her friendship refused, not only has the beaten “bad guy” refused to repent, but she has physically cut Mamika and left her bleeding—something that’s plainly never happened before.

Selesia tries to clue Mamika into her more pragmatic point of view. From where she stands, the magical girl is not a hero, but an idealistic despot—physically beating anyone who doesn’t agree with her moral stance until they change their minds. However, in Selesia’s world, good people would never agree to follow a person who believes that might alone makes right.

With this, the two have reached an impasse. Selesia is never going to give up and Mamika is so far outside her element that, in an emotional panic, she falls back on what would be the correct action in her world: hitting the enemy with her most powerful attack to make said enemy see the error of her ways. Of course, what Mamika doesn’t understand—or can’t understand in her tremulous mental state—is that her attack will almost certainly kill Selesia.

Image Source: TVアニメ”Re:CREATORS”公式 on Twitter

This is avoided thanks to the timely arrival of Yuya—an act which, in turn, adds another layer to the already complex situation. We’ve seen how Mamika reacts to an exceedingly noble-yet-pragmatic hero, but as the episode ends, we get a taste of her panic and fear at coming face-to-face with someone who has no qualms about potentially killing the magical girl beyond her gender—and certainly wouldn’t lose any sleep over the act.

Even at first glance, Mamika can tell that Yuya is far more evil than any villain from her own world—and one who has already taken her most powerful attack without any visible effort. And this, coming at the end of a battle far more brutal than any in her own world, leaves the magical girl terrified.

This episode is an excellent thought experiment showing what would happen if a fictional magical girl found herself in the real world—a world with consequences and complex morality far beyond any in her own. But what we have seen so far is just the immediate shock. What will really be interesting to see is how she grows from here—how she rationalizes what she’s seen and done and how it changes her as the series continues on.

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Re:Creators can be viewed with English subtitles on Amazon Anime Strike.

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  1. Yep, Definitely need to subscribe to Anime Strike now, even if this is all I want to see on the streaming service currently.

    The concept of different genres trying to resolve the conflict in their own world by facing down their own (in their mind) malevolent creators in their own way is incredibly cool.

    • It really is great. And so far, they have played it all completely serious, which is even better.

      As far as Amazon Strike goes, it doesn’t exist here in Japan, but I’m enjoying “Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul,” “Sword Oratoria: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side,” “Sagrada Reset,” and “Grimoire of Zero”–which are all on the service in the US.

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