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From the moment I was asked to peruse this spring’s upcoming anime series offerings for my most anticipated, I already knew very well what I would choose. It’s the same anime I’ve been prattling on about for the last year or so since it got a CG-heavy continuation.

It’s the same series I loved so much I got a tattoo on my upper left arm to mimic a brand its main character has. It also happens to be the same show I keep bugging our very own editor-in-chief about writing about because I love it so much. [Editor’s Note: If I let her, she’d write about nothing else.] Still not sure? I’ll give you one hint: Guts.

Okay, you got me. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the second season of Berserk, the continuation of the series that was just left to languish after getting to one of the most pivotal moments of the manga.

Originally I enjoyed it because I got the feeling that this was the only “extra” Berserk I’d ever see beyond the film trilogy that released in the last few years, but I grew to appreciate it on its own merits. I was enamored with a special few scenes, such as one particular encounter between Lady Farnese and a horse. That was special. I also really loved Mozgus’ introduction and the time we all got to see what he was really all about. Fascinating indeed. I knew what was coming and I still felt a little taken aback.

The second season is poised to encapsulate the “Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc” of the manga, and without spoiling too much for those who haven’t read the manga, there’s plenty of interesting things to come—as if the bizarre and twisted goings-on of the prior seasons weren’t enough for you.

Judging by what little I’ve seen of the new season so far, we can expect to see a whole lot of Griffith this time around, instead of just having to listen to Guts lament his existence or hearing about him through third parties. There should also be the introduction of a certain set of cursed armor that should leave quite an impression on viewers. I’m hoping it rolls up several different pieces of the narrative neatly and still comes at me with some decidedly crazy visuals.

There’s only about a week or so left until I can see for sure what the second season is going to offer, but I know even if it ends up being a bit of a letdown, it’s more of one of my favorite series of all time, and at the very least it’s getting a chance to shine. I’m sure I’ll be checking out several other shows (both for here and in my personal time) but I have to say I’m going to be clearing my schedule for each Berserk airing. I’ve got to. I’ve been branded by God Hand, after all.

Berserk (2017) can be viewed with English subtitles on Crunchyroll when the second season makes its spring debut on April 7,2017.

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