ANiUTa is a new anime music streaming service that launched in Japan this past Friday—and is set to launch outside of Japan before the end of the year. With big anime music companies like Flying Dog, Lantis, and Sunrise Music Publishing all signed on, the iOS/Android service sports a collection of 50,000+ songs. For 600 yen (about USD $5) a month, you can listen as much as you want. But even as a free user, you can search and listen to samples.

So, over this past weekend, I asked my Twitter followers what their favorite anime songs were to test the service out. So now, let’s take those picks and see if ANiUTa has them in their 50,000+ catalog of anime songs.

Oh, we’ve got quite a list here.

For “Don’t Say ‘Lazy’,” we have the album version, two different live versions, and a no vocals version. For “Tutti!” we have the full song, the TV opening short version, and a wind orchestra version. For “Snow Halation,” we have a the original version and two different cover versions of the song. And for “Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM,” we have just the album version.

Sadly, there are only a few Megumi Hayashibara songs on the service—mostly from 1999’s Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru—so this one is a bust.

It’s a “no” on “The Light Before We Land.” I found three versions of “Paradise Lost.” There are no Baccano! songs. And not only do they have “Ikenai Borderline” from Macross Delta, they have damn near every (if not every) Macross song ever—including several from games like Macross 30.

Our own Toshi Nakamura had these favorites: “No” on “Let Me Hear” and “Yes” on “PRISM.”

It’s on there four times (all the same version as far as I can tell).

It does. But sadly, it’s not on ANiUTa.

As for fellow Kotaku alumni Eric’s picks: there is a cover version for Slam Dunk’s theme “Kimi ga Sukida to Sakebitai” and One-Punch Man’s “THE HERO!! ~Ikareru Kobushi ni Hi wo Tsukero~” is there three different times (though it’s the same recording on different albums).

You are correct on the name but it seems no Full Metal Alchemist music is on ANiUTa at the moment.

While there are several songs from The Pillows, none are from FLCL.

Nothing from Blood Blockade Battlefront, I am sad to say, nor is the Death Parade opening there. However, its ending, “Last Theater,” is.

No Aldnoah.Zero music to report, but ANiUTa does have composer Hiroyuki Sawano’s Attack on Titan, Gigantic Formula, and Sengoku Basara soundtracks. Nothing for Guilty Crown, though.

“GO” isn’t there. But Naruto’s eleventh ending, “Omae Dattanda” is.

It sure does have “Junjou Spectra”—but that’s just the start.

Not only does ANiUTa have “Hacking to the Gate,” it has its orchestral version as well.

Moreover, there are several Steins;Gate soundtracks as well as those from other Chiyomaru Studio anime and games like Chaos;Child, Robotics;Notes and Occultic;Nine. There’s nothing from Anohana nor Soul Eater that I could find—though I did find the ending and insert songs from Soul Eater Not!

“Yes” on “Tank” and “Real Folk Blues” (as well as several full Cowboy Bebop soundtracks).

Ok, let’s be clear here, because this may be the app’s strongest point: There are hundreds of Yoko Kanno songs on ANiUTa—from Cowboy Bebob, Escaflowne, and Aquarion to Macross Plus, Macross Frontier, and Ghost in the Shell: SAC. And yes, Inner Universe is included in that.

No, on anything Kalafina. Yes, on “Shounen no Hate.” (There are hundreds of GRANRODEO songs on the service.)

There are three different versions of “PSI-Missing” on the service—including a techno remix. Sadly, there are no songs by Miku Sawai.

Yep, this “Ah! My Goddess” classic is on ANiUTa.

Now the results of our little test. Of the 35 favorite songs I looked up, seventeen of them were on ANiUTa (eighteen if you count the cover version for Slam Dunk’s theme). In other words, about half of the songs we searched for were on the service. That’s not too bad for something that just launched. Right now, the service’s biggest problem is the lack of artists from Sony Music and King Records, two of the biggest names in the anime music industry.

However, even with that downside, this little experiment has made me decide to try the service out for a month or two. On the artist side, it has a massive amount of Yoko Kanno, Maaya Sakamoto, and Nano songs. On the series side, it is loaded with Gundam and Macross music. And honestly, that alone is worth my five bucks.

Oh, and just for fun, let’s see what the top ten most listened to songs on ANiUTa are at the end of its first weekend.

1) “Youkoso Japari Park he” — Kemono Friends opening
2) “Tokimeki Experience” — BanG Dream opening
3) “Don’t Say ‘Lazy'” — K-On! opening
4) “Aozora Rhapsody” — Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid opening
5) “Ichido Dake no Koi Nara” — Macross Delta opening
6) “Redo” — Re:Zero — Starting Life in Another World opening
7) “Climber’s High” — Fuuka opening
8) “Snow halation” — Love Live! season two episode nine ending
9) “Hacking to the Gate” — Steins;Gate opening
10) “Sousei no Aquarion” — Genesis of Aquarion opening

ANiUTa begin service in Japan on March 24, 2017. It is scheduled to launch outside of Japan later this year.

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  1. I am somewhat ignorant of good ways to hear anime music so this sounds interesting. Especially to hear a bunch of Yoko Kanno stuff in one place – that is a good start.
    Also, I thought that it was great how you got your twitter followers to weigh in with songs having no foreknowledge of how you were using the songs. IMO a good way to test the new service.

  2. I’m somewhat pissed that the app doesn’t seem to work properly in my phone – the music often doesn’t play. I’d have no problems paying for a service that gives me Animelo playlists to listen to.

    Oh, about the article – it was a tad long, but the results were interesting, you got a new follower. Hopefully they will add more artists soon, I miss some favorites such as Garnidelia, Lisa and Kalafina

    By the way, Don’t Say Lazy is K-On!’s ending theme, but no one will notice that xD

  3. I see Sousei no Aquarion, well time to open up iTunes, as I need to make sure that doesn’t get stuck in my head.

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