Have you ever wanted to be Sailor Moon? No? What about Mini Moon? OK, what about the cat with the crescent moon on her forehead? Well, if your answer was “yes” to any of those, your wish has been granted, because now you can slap an image of the guardians of the moon kingdom right on your face—all while rejuvenating your skin!


Each “Chara Chan” (short for “Character Change”) mask will have the image of one of three characters from Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon franchise on it: Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Luna.


The non-alcohol rose-smelling masks boast “skin conditioning” and “moisturizing” ingredients.


Each mask retails for 648 yen (about USD $6) and went on sale earlier this month. The press release from Bandai lists these three masks as the “first round” of Chara Chan masks, so we’ll have to see who gets the facial mask treatment next!

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Viz has licensed the original Sailor Moon anime as well as the reboot series Sailor Moon Crystal for home video release in North America. The old series can be viewed on Hulu, while Crunchyroll streams the latter on its website.

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