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The second Overlord compilation movie came out this past weekend. While the added scenes and changes are not as rife with implications as the ones in the first movie were, they do certainly add some depth and intrigue to the story.

[Note: This article contains major spoilers for Overlord.]

The two Overlord movies tell the entirety of the original TV series, with the first part, Overlord: The Undead King, covering episodes one through seven and the second part, Overlord: The Dark Warrior, covering episodes eight through thirteen. With each movie clocking in at about around two hours, give or take, they allow for events to play out pretty much at the pace of the TV series with very little feeling rushed or noticeably truncated.

Of course, you can’t go and release a compilation movie without some tweaks and added scenes. The first movie’s addition of showing the main character when he was still human gave the movie a much darker shadow—which, personally, lasted with me through the second movie. The additions to the second movie, however, did not change the tone so much as add more hues to its already colorful palette. The most notable changes were as follows:

  1. The episode ten conversation in the carriage between the butler, Sebas Tian, and the true vampire, Shalltear Bloodfallen, is noticeably longer. The two discuss not only the potential risks with Shalltear’s blood frenzy, but also mention the fact that Sebas is a Dragonoid with a much more powerful battle form. On a personal level, Sebas was one of my favorite characters from the series and seeing more depth added to him was quite satisfying.
  2. The entirety of Shalltear’s fighting human adventurers and subsequent blood frenzy was relegated to a brief flashback. It wasn’t exactly the most visually flattering moment for the character, so it was somewhat understandable.
  3. The final part of the story is the battle between the main character, Ainz Ooal Gown and Shalltear—after an unknown entity takes control of Shalltear’s mind. During this, we are shown a flashback of the events that led to Shalltear falling under someone’s control. While in the TV series, the culprits were warriors from the Slane Theocracy, in the movie, we see that there was also someone else directly responsible. In the flashback, we see a fuzzy image of that individual. The scene was too brief to clearly identify who it was, but its silhouette did bear a resemblance to Shalltear’s creator, Peroroncino.
  4. Much of the TV series’ epilogue was cut, with the movie ending after scene of the council of the Slane Theocracy receiving a report on an encounter with an unusually powerful vampire and discussing the recent events that have weakened their forces. The TV series ended with a montage of various characters and what they are doing leading in to what at the time was only a potential seconds series, so it felt a little strange not to include it when a seconds series has been announced.
  5. The movie ends with a brief cut of a lizard man. This is obviously a teaser pointing to the upcoming second season of the series that was announced with the release of the second movie.

There are obviously more slight tweaks, edits, cuts, and additions to the movie, but these were the most notable.

Overall, watching the second movie was just as satisfying as watching the first movie, if not more so. While there are moments in the first movie when you can feel its length, the second movie plays out much more smoothly. The original Overlord series was one of my favorites the year it came out, so to see it given the movie overhaul treatment was quite pleasing. Now I really can’t wait for the second season.

Overlord: The Undead King was released in theaters in Japan on February 25. Overlord: The Dark Warrior was released in theaters in Japan on March 11.

Image source: オーバーロード/TVアニメ公式 on Twitter

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