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Do you have plastic figures or toys on your shelf? Have you ever wanted to see them fight? Frame Arms Girl brings that wish to life.

Frame Arms Girl is based on toy maker Kotobukiya’s product line of the same name. Originally, a spinoff line of Kotobukiya’s Frame Arm series, Frame Arms Girl merged Kotobukiya’s anime girl figures with the concept of interchangeable/customizable futuristic military mecha.

Now, the model line is getting an anime adaptation and Anime Now! was there to see the first episode at a preview screening event.

The story of Frame Arms Girl takes place in a not-so-distant future. One morning, the protagonist, a high school girl, Ao Gennai, receives a mysterious package—delivered by drone, no less. Inside is a miniature, fully autonomous robot called a Frame Arms Girl. Ao somehow accidentally activates the Frame Arms Girl, which introduces itself as Gourai, a prototype Frame Arms Girl with a special learning AI—called an AS or “Artificial Self”—installed. Soon after, Ao learns that of all the Gourai prototypes that were sent out across the world, only hers was successfully activated. As such, she has been chosen to help Gourai’s AS collect data so that it can learn and evolve. One way that Gourai’s AS collects data is through virtual combat with other Frame Arms Girls.

Image source: KOTOBUKIYA TV on YouTube

At its heart, Frame Arms Girls is a light-hearted and charming story about the daily life of a girl and her sentient model figures. People who decorate their desks or shelves with figurines will probably feel a sense of enjoyment at the anime’s concept. I’m a Hot Toys man myself, and I got a kick out of it.

More than being just figures, Frame Arms Girls are also plastic models—models that involve the process of cutting parts out of plastic railings and painstakingly assembling them. The anime plays to hobbyists and model enthusiasts by offering tips and pointers for model making and brief episodes that anyone who has worked with plastic models with tiny parts has gone through—like accidentally dropping a small yet vital piece and not seeing where it went.

All in all, Frame Arms Girl looks to offer casual entertainment that plays to fans of figures, models, and cute girls fighting with cool weaponry. It’s fun escapism into a hobbyist’s dream.

Frame Arms Girl begins airing on Japan’s Tokyo MX station from April 4, 1:05 AM, BS11 from April 4, 11:30 PM, and AT-X from April 7, 9:30 PM (all local dates and times). There is currently no streaming info.

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  1. This could be interesting but the CG is kind of awkward.

  2. Reminds me of Angelic Layer.

  3. Reminds me of a certain dead Konami product line.

  4. Reminds me of Busou Shinki. OVA and web are good! But I drop the TV version…

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