Kenichi Shigusawa’s Kino’s Journey series of novels about an androgynous girl traveling a fantasy world on her talking motorcycle has been adapted into anime before, but it’s coming back as a new TV anime with a different cast. A new TV anime adaptation of Kino no Tabi -Beautiful World- (Kino’s Journey: Beautiful World) has been green-lit.

Announced at the Game no Dengeki Kanshasai 2017 & Dengeki Bunko Haru no Saiten 2017 & Dengeki Comic-sai 2017 in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, the anime will feature a new cast starring Aoi Yuki (Valvrave the Liberator, Qualidea Code) as Kino and Sōma Saitō (Haruchika, 91 Days) as her talking motorcycle Hermes.

The first TV anime for Kino’s Journey aired in 2003, in which Aoi Yuki starred as a side character named Sakura at only the age of ten. Ai Maeda (Digimon Adventure’s Mimi, Sailor Moon Crystal’s Sailor Pluto) played Kino in this version. Two thirty-minute films were released in 2005 and 2007, respectively. ADV Films once held the license to publish the anime on home video in North America.

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