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It started as an intriguing exploration into the politics of a segmented country, but with its latest plot reveal, things in ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. got mega serious.

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. is the story that takes place in the Kingdom of Dowa. The country is divided into thirteen autonomous territories that have their own governments and laws and regulations. Traveling from territory to territory is Jean Otus, second-in-command of the ACCA inspection agency (the national government’s internal affairs organization) to basically audit the ACCA run agencies of each territory.

As he travels the country and sees the various cultures and customs of each different territory, hints of an impending coup d’etat seem to flash here and there. Recent developments in the series shine a light on that conspiracy and, like most conspiracies, it goes far deeper than first imagined.

[Note: This article contains major spoilers for ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. Seriously, don’t read on unless you’ve watched up to episode eight or really don’t mind pivotal plot spoilers.]

Through the series, as Jean conducts his ACCA inspections, he discovers a rumor of a coup d’etat plot and that he himself is suspected of being part of it. Due to his job involving the travel throughout the country, there is a rumor that Jean himself is acting as a messenger between conspiring territories—something that Jean has no knowledge of.

However, in episode seven, it is revealed that Jean is of the royal bloodline of Dowa and is potentially the next in line for the throne. Then, in episode eight, we see the truth behind the conspiracy as we learn that Jean’s deceased mother, Schnee, was the second crown princess who abdicated her royal heritage (like England’s King Edward VIII) by faking her own death and living as a civilian.

Her bodyguard, after helping her fake her death, was released from his duties but continued to monitor her activities. It turns out that her former bodyguard is Grossular, one of the five heads of ACCA and a man suspected of being at the center of the coup conspiracy.

Due to Schnee’s abdication, Jean has no claim to the throne, but he and his sister sill remain of royal blood and could be powerful figureheads should, say, a coup d’etat ousting the current heir to the throne, Crown Prince Schwann, happen to occur.

As we learn more about Jean’s origins it comes to light that basically he has been raised as a future heir to the throne. His job as part of the inspection department, traveling through the country, has given him first-hand insight to the status of the various territories–something that would come in very handy to a ruler. His intimate knowledge of the ACCA organization would also make him an ideal ruler for those who see ACCA as vital to maintaining the stability of the country and feel threatened by Prince Schwann, who holds blatant disdain for the organization.

Image source: TVアニメ『ACCA13区監察課』公式 on Twitter

It’s all a very interesting conspiracy. But watching the revelation unfold, I couldn’t help but wonder how it must have felt for Jean himself. Basically to be told that he and his sister are royalty is shock enough, but to have his best friend come up to him and basically say, “Hi. Your entire life has been by design, orchestrated behind your back as part of someone else’s greater plan. Oh, and I know that we’ve been friends forever, but that wasn’t an accident either.” A bombshell like that would really make a guy question the concept of free will.

This new reveal pushes ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. headlong into its final act. With the game-changing revelation of Jean’s identity, we can be sure that things are going to start moving pretty swiftly from here. Hopefully Jean and his sister will be able to get some sense of control back into their lives. If they ever had any to begin with.

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. can be viewed with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

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  1. When was it confirmed that the ex-bodyguard was Grossular? They both have white hair, but as we saw when we visited Grossular’s district, almost everyone there had long white hair.

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