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One has the power to turn back time but not remember it. The other has the power to remember everything. Together, the two young students have the ability to potentially prevent any problem—all while coping with the death that they could not. This is Sagrada Reset.

Award-winning seven-volume light novel series, Sagrada Reset, is getting a two-season anime series as well as a two live-action movies this spring. We got a chance to see the first two episodes of the anime at a preview event and already it’s a strong contender for my favorite of spring 2017—if not 2017, period.

The story of Sagrada Reset takes place in the rural city of Sakurada. Within the city, nearly half the population possesses various special abilities—most of which break the laws of physics. However, most of these abilities are very situational or insignificant on their own—a sort of X-Men lite, if you will. Leaving the city causes anyone to lose their memory of any such powers, making the whole phenomenon rather contained.

Kei Asai is a young boy with a photographic memory which allows him to remember everything. Haruki Misora is a young girl with the ability to turn back time—aka “Reset”—for up to three days. Doing so causes everything to revert to as it was when Haruki last set a “save point”—including her own memory. Individually, the two can do very little. Together they can change the world. The plot revolves around the two characters’ efforts to help make the world better by righting one wrong at a time as well as the incident in their past where a Reset cost them the life of the very friend who brought them together.

Image source: TVアニメ「サクラダリセット」公式 on Twitter

Right from the start, you can tell that Sagrada Reset is something special. The best series that involve characters with fantastical powers strike a delicate focal balance between the main characters and their powers—with neither defining the other—and Sagrada Reset does this with style. The characters are insightful, intelligent, and overall fascinating to watch. Their conversations are deep and captivating.

Usually, when a new series starts and tosses you into a world with new characters to get to know and the different rules they live by, you need a few minutes to get your bearings before you can decide whether you like it or not. Not so with Sagrada Reset. From the moment the first episode started, I immediately found myself captivated by the characters.

Most impressive was the character of Misora. The first two episodes are essentially her story, showing her progression from a withdrawn and emotionless character to a passionate character who bears unequivocal trust towards Kei—the only person in the world immune to the memory-erasing effects of her Reset ability.

The first two episodes also wax poetic with some very satisfying and thought-provoking philosophy. You know a story has some competent brains behind it when it can define what “good” is without using a comparison to evil.

Episodes one and two basically serve as a prologue to the meat of Sagrada Reset. Things are set up and you’re prepared for the real story that is to come. If the rest of the series is anything like the first two episodes, I foresee high praises coming around towards the end of the year. People who enjoy compelling stories with fantastical elements and captivating characters, a la orange, Erased, or Steins;Gate, will not want to miss Sagrada Reset.

Sagrada Reset begins airing on Japan’s Tokyo MX station from April 5, 11:30 PM, Kansai TV from April 7, 2:55 AM, BS11 from April 7, 11:30 PM, and AT-X from April 9, 12:00 AM (all local dates and times). There is currently no streaming info.

Image source: TVアニメ「サクラダリセット」公式 on Twitter

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  1. Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this since it was announced. I have a feeling it’s going to be up there with Erased.

  2. Oh boy. I loved Erased and Steins;Gate. I’m a sucker for time-travel stories. Can’t wait!

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