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The Trinity Seven anime series aired during the fall season of 2014. Now, a new anime film, Trinity Seven: Eternity Library & Alchemic Girl has been released, adding new elements and new layers to the series, and making me wish there was more in both good ways and bad.

[Note: This article contains spoilers about the general plot of the Trinity Seven TV anime series and Trinity Seven: Eternity Library & Alchemic Girl.]

The new movie, Trinity Seven: Eternity Library & Alchemic Girl is a new story that takes place after the TV series. After a strange dream, Arata touches Lilith’s Grimoire—her spellbook—and is immediately drained of his magical energy. His drained power combines with Lilith’s power in her Grimoire to create the young girl, Lilim. While Arata and the Trinity Seven marvel over this new development, little do they realize that the combined magical power of the Demon Lord Candidate, Arata, and Lilith has unlocked the mysterious library—the Eternity Library—and awakened the devastating power within it.

The movie is largely divided in two halves—though the division isn’t exactly 50/50. The first half focuses on introducing the new character, Lilim, as the daughter of Arata and Lilith. The second half then centers around the battle with the movie’s antagonist, the White Demon Lord.

Interestingly, while most anime movies tend to be self-contained (essentially ending with a return to the status quo) Trinity Seven manages to actually have the characters change and evolve over the course of the movie—with some of the main characters having major new elements revealed about them that were not covered in the TV series. One thing I really appreciated about Trinity Seven was the sort of Harry Potter way in which Arata started out as a clueless outsider but gradually over the course of the series grew into a full-fledged Magus able to stand against and with the other Trinity Seven. The movie carries on this tradition, adding a new element with lasting and potentially very interesting effects.

The movie itself clocks in at about an hour in length, which, to be honest, felt far too short. The new characters to the story, Lilim and the White Demon Lord, are characters with a lot of potential to be interesting based on what was revealed about them. However, by the movie’s conclusion, they remain severely underdeveloped and, at worst, tragically one-note.

The movie still retains some of the series’ signature scenes and situations of fan service cheesecake. However, it was during the movie’s biggest fan service moment, the token bath scene, that the greatest moment of character evolution was put on display.

To break it down, after Arata recovers from having his power drained, he goes to take a bath and goes into the girls’ bath by mistake—because of course he does—and walks in on all the other characters taking a bath. While in other series, or even in the Trinity Seven TV series itself, if this happened, you’d get a flash of skin, a girl screams, the sound of a slap, and the next scene would be of the main character with a red hand mark on his face looking ashamed. Instead, Arata walks into the bath, sees the other characters, says “oops,” and the next scene is of all of them taking a bath together with the girls all covered in their wash cloths. It is a fan service moment, but it illustrates not only Arata’s brazen attitude, but also the fact that the girls have grown to tolerate (if not outright accept) his antics, intentional or not. Much in this way, the movie feels like the relationships between the characters have genuinely grown.

In terms of the action, the movie falls into the trap of many movies with large casts, in that certain characters are given a fight simply to give them something to do. It also is hindered by the fact that the characters who have the highest physical abilities (and thus create flashier action sequences) are all stuck fighting the same enemy while the others are left essentially just standing still, hurling bigger and bigger magic spells.

Overall, Trinity Seven: Eternity Library & Alchemic Girl is an entertaining continuation of the Trinity Seven story. Lengthwise, it definitely feels lacking. There needs to be room to explore and develop the movie’s new characters. However, the movie does a good job of being more than just an inconsequential side story by adding to the overall plot and enriching the Trinity Seven world. Personally, I’m looking forward to any future plans they have for the series.

Trinity Seven: Eternity Library & Alchemic Girl was released in Japanese theaters on February 25. There is currently no word on a Western release.

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