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It looks like Fuuka’s anime adaptation is moving away from the original story—and, in my opinion, all for the better. From the beginning of Fuuka’s season, I’ve been clamoring for the show to shift focus to Koyuki instead of Fuuka and it seems that could very well be coming to pass. Not only are things happening involving Koyuki and that “path” for the show, but it seems there are also actions occurring that simply aren’t in the manga—i.e., the source material for the show in general.

[Note: This article contains spoilers for Fuuka.]

Episode eight of Fuuka was a pivotal moment for the series—and one that really showcased the awful way people and fans can treat others simply for living their lives in a way they don’t approve of. When Yuu is playing a concert at his school, his schoolmates react in an ugly (and frankly embarrassing) fashion due to the fact Yuu and Koyuki were seen together.

Someone even ended up throwing a glass bottle at Yuu’s face, drawing blood and damaging his instrument. Even weirder, no one really steps in to stop this (in terms of adult supervision). Koyuki watches in the crowd and steps in to try and get in good graces with the immature and bizarrely angry crowd, explaining that if they want an apology for the situation, she’ll give them one. Of course, this doesn’t bode well for Koyuki’s career or her well-being, demonstrative of how nasty being a star can actually be for real people.

The show seems to be pivoting more toward a romance with Koyuki, which definitely pleases me since it’s completely different from the manga (which I won’t spoil all the way here if you’ve only been watching the series). Just know this is a much different direction than things should have gone, which gets me wondering if the big elephant in the room, the big part of Fuuka that everyone’s probably wondering about, will happen at all this season. I wouldn’t be upset if it didn’t, as it would obviously make for a much more complex and interesting story, especially since new and different elements are being explored for an anime-only twist.

For instance, Koyuki’s voice is suddenly “not working” when she tries to perform, as she confesses to Yuu in addition to the fact that she loves him in a very touching and romantic scene. The two embrace as the snow falls around them, after Yuu went all the way to the trouble of tracking her down to see if she was all right. The two end up going on a date in the next episode, which pretty much seals their fate as a newborn couple for this episode.

This could be a red herring, however, and Yuu might still change his mind later on that it’s not actually Koyuki that he’s interested in being with despite her obvious love and feelings for him. I predict that if the anime continues down the path it seems to have chosen, Koyuki will end up either having to back off away from Yuu and let Fuuka in, or vice versa—since she has a career for better or for worse. But sometimes that’s what has to happen when you’re successful. You can’t pursue a dream if you’re not prepared to make sacrifices.

On the flip side, it looks like Fuuka is being scouted professionally for her singing and the idea that she “ate Koyuki alive” with her performance, so there’s an interesting dichotomy here between Koyuki’s career starting to take a turn when Fuuka and the band are being noticed by others. Fuuka isn’t interesting in ditching the band, though—but it could be a thread that gets picked up again later.

Either way, I’m much more interested in seeing how things shake out now that the character I was hoping to see more of has really come into her own. Here’s to a much more interesting end of the season… and a much different possible future for Fuuka.

Fuuka can be seen with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

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