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If you’ve been watching Chaos;Child, you may have noticed the term “Gigalomaniac” coming up more and more often. But while the series does give a quick explanation, it contains any number of other terms you may have never heard, leaving you with a very understandable question: What is a “Gigalomaniac”?

The short answer is “a person with superpowers.” However, if you’re really interested, the long answer is so much more complex.

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The basic starting point for the idea is that each of us constantly sees a partial delusion instead of true reality. You see, the human eye has a built-in blind spot at the point where the optic nerve connects to the eye (the “optic disc” in the picture above) because there are no photoreceptor cells on this point to pick up light. However, you might have noticed that you don’t have a constant black spot floating your vision. This is because the human brain takes a guess about what you should be seeing in the blind spot and treats that as fact. Or, to put it another way, your mind creates a delusion over the blind spot.

So while all of us are always hallucinating to a small extent whenever our eyes are open, Gigalomaniacs take it one step further. Gigalomaniacs are able to craft their own delusions of reality and project them into other people’s minds. The part of the brain that creates the delusions to cover our blind spots treats this incoming information as fact. Thus, Gigalomaniacs can alter how we perceive reality—making us see what isn’t really there.

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The justification for how this is possible comes from the quantum physics thesis known as the “Dirac Sea.” The idea is that a vacuum (like outer space) isn’t empty. Rather it is a “sea” of particles with negative energy. Gigalomaniacs can create a bridge between the Dirac Sea and the universe as we know it, which, when the two interact, creates particles and antiparticles. Gigalomanics use these to put delusions into the brains of others.

However, it goes one step further. If a Gigalomaniac makes enough people believe in the delusion he or she has projected, reality itself alters to make the delusion true. In the terminology of Chaos;Child, this is called “Real-Booting.”

There is one important side note: When a Gigalomaniac deludes even a single other Gigalomaniac, the delusions become real—but only for the Gigalomaniacs involved. For everyone else, objective reality is unchanged.

Powerful Gigalomaniacs, like those we see in prequel anime Chaos;Head, can affect the world on a massive scale, making objects appear out of nothing or even taking over another person like an Agent in the Matrix.

Image source: TVアニメ「カオスチャイルド」公式 on Twitter

In Chaos;Child, however, each Gigalomaniac has a much more minor way of altering reality. Takuru, for example, can unlock any door by changing reality so that the door unlocks itself by chance. The mysterious girl hunting the newspaper club appears to be a pyrokinetic—but what she is really doing is creating a delusion of fire which becomes real for her gigalomaniac prey (though not for the rest of the world). Though that’s not to say either one of them is conscious of the process behind it: For Takuru, the doors simply unlock all on their own. For the girl, fire just appears where she wills it.

So with this, we are back to where we started. A Gigalomaniac is a person with superpowers. However, what’s important is that these powers all follow the same rules and work in the same way: by delusions altering reality.

And delusions… delusions are the heart and soul of Chaos;Child.

Chaos;Child can be seen with English subtitles on Crunchyroll and with dubbed in English on FUNimation.

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