Love Live! Sunshine!! is an idol anime that takes place in Numazu City in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Although rural compared to the metropolis that is Tokyo, this city is blessed with beautiful landscapes and rich culture. To celebrate the planned release of new figures of all nine Love Live! Sunshine!! idols, Banpresto actually took each of the figure girls for a trip to the setting of the anime for a very special photo shoot around Shizuoka.

You can see bigger versions of the figures with their full backgrounds at the Craneking official website.

The Riko Sakurachi figure’s photo is shot from the pier at Mito Beach where she and Chika meet for the first time. Her figure will be out in early March.

The Chika Takanami figure was taken to the Yasudaya Ryōkan, which is the model for the ryōkan Chika’s family runs in the anime. Her figure will be up for grabs in crane game machines in mid-March.

This figure of Yō Watanabe was brought to Mito Beach in Numazu for her photo shoot, and Awashima Island can be seen in the background. Her figure will be available to grab in late March.

Ruby Kurosawa’s figure went on a trip to the bus stop in front of Nagaisaki Junior High School, which served as the model for the school the idols attend in the anime. Her figure will be out in early April.

Yoshiko Tsushima (a.k.a. Johanne) got her picture taken at Numazu Burger, which shows up in the anime. You can pick her up in crane game machines in mid-April.

Hanamaru Kunikida got her picture taken at Marusan Book Store, which she visited with Ruby in the show. You’ll see her in crane games starting in late April.

Dia Kurosawa’s figure took a trip to Awashima Shrine’s rock terrace, where she had a talk with her little sister Ruby in the anime. Dia will be making her way to arcades in mid-May.

The Kanan Matsuura figure posed in front of the Frog House of the Awashima Marine Park in Numazu, which was the model for the diving shop her father runs.

Mari Ohara’s photo has Awashima Hotel—which was the model for the hotel her family runs—in the background. Mari will be out in late May.

Riko, Chika, Yō, Ruby, Yoshiko, and Hanamaru’s figures each measure 17 cm (about 6.7″) while Daiya, Kanan, and Mari measure 18 cm (about 7.1″). These figures from Banpresto’s Craneking line will be available in crane game machines all around Japan.

Love Live!! Sunshine is streaming at both Daisuki and FUNimation with subtitles.

Image Copyright: ©2016 プロジェクトラブライブ!サンシャイン!!

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