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If you thought facing the mighty dragon Bahamut in Final Fantasy XIV was hard…

The Final Fantasy franchise’s hit online game, Final Fantsy XIV, in collaboration with live-action escape game producers SCRAP–producers of the previously covered Ace Attorney, One Piece, and SHOW BY ROCK!! escape games–have created a new real escape game that captures the spirit of adventure from Final Fantasy into a real life puzzle game of wits and intellect. Anime Now! was there to check it out.

Premiering at the Daiba Zepp DiverCity last week, over thirty groups of six people gathered to participate in the premiere of the new real escape game, Trials of Bahamut. Based on the online game, Final Fantasy XIV, the story is as follows:

The primal dragon Bahamut
once wreaked havoc on the realm of Eorzea and
brought the world to the brink of destruction.

However, the Archon Louisoix and the Warriors of Light
were able to stave off his onslaught and save the world from despair.

With their strength, Bahamut vanished, Eorzea was restored, and peace returned once more.

5 years later…

Bahamut, believed to have long since perished, is secretly being revived deep within a subterranean ruin.

The time until his awakening: 60 minutes.

Can you and your party stop the chaos before it begins?

The battle for Eorzea starts now!

(Source: Real Escape Game Trials of Bahamut website)

Before the game starts, people are grouped together into six-person parties. Each member chooses to take on one of six job roles–knight, black mage, white mage, thief, hunter, and bard. Each class has its own skills and abilities that the teams must use to make their way through various obstacles as they attempt to navigate the dungeon and battle Bahamut within 60 minutes.

The game begins with an opening cinematic–courtesy of the Final Fantasy XIV development team–followed by a brief explanation of the rules. After that, the participating parties have 60 minutes to solve their way through the dungeon and successfully defeat Bahamut.

Each party is given an envelope with their first puzzle that they must solve to progress. Progressing unlocks subsequent puzzles and so forth. The puzzles vary in type and difficulty from basic fill-in-the-blank style to ones where clues are scattered about. With limited time to complete the game, parties are advised to multi-task, having different members tackle different puzzles simultaneously.

The game does an excellent job of capturing the atmosphere of a Final Fantasy game by not only utilizing various imagery and terms, but by incorporating elements from the games’ systems. It was a game not only for real escape game fans, but for Final Fantasy fans as well.

This was our fifth such real escape game, so we were fairly accustomed to how these games work and any potential tricks or hidden secrets they might throw at us. It also helped that the other people in our party that we were grouped with were seasoned real escape game veterans. Even so, navigating the dungeon and preparing for the final battle was pretty challenging. By the time the smoke cleared, of the over thirty parties that participated, ours was the only one that was left standing (Even Final Fantasy XIV producer and director, Naoki Yoshida did not survive Bahamut’s wrath).

The Final Fantasy XIV real escape game is currently scheduled to be held in Japan in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, and Fukuoka. For more information, check out the Japanese official website.

For those in the US who are interested and hope to participate, tours are scheduled for eight US cities. For more information, check out the English official website.

As of writing this article, details for the US tour have not yet been released.

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