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Sure, Frieza blew up planets, but even he never threatened entire universes with destruction.

Goku, the main hero of the entire Dragon Ball franchise, has always been a bit childish, and his actions have gotten him–and others–into trouble from time to time. However, this time, his selfish actions have set him up to be responsible for far more deaths than any of the series’ so-called villains.

Dragon Ball Super Looks at Our Heroes as Fathers

With the end of the Future Trunks Saga, Goku has been wandering about, dying for a fight. He’s spent time training with Whiz, Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin, but none of these give him what he really wants: a true all-out fight where he can test himself. His actions have ranged from careless–destroying his own fields when training with Gohan–to the insane, putting out a hit on himself so that he can have a reason to fight the multiverse’s greatest assassin.

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But all of this has just been killing time. Back during the Future Trunks Saga, Goku talked Zen-Oh, the top god of the entire pantheon, into putting on a tournament between all the strongest fighters of the twelve universes in the Dragon Ball multiverse.

The thing is, Zen-oh is like an infinitely powerful child. He can create or destroy entire universes on a whim. He has no concept of good and evil–only of fun and not fun. Even interacting with him at all is dangerous: If you make him angry, it could mean anything from the end your own existence to that of all of creation. But as much of a selfish child as Zen-oh is, Goku gives him a run for his money.

In the intervening time between when Zen-oh made the the promise to put on the tournament and now, he had forgotten entirely about it. Knowing this, Beerus explicitly demands that Goku not bring it up again with Zen-oh. While a God of Destruction, Beerus would rather not roll the dice when it comes to Zen-oh’s unpredictable nature. When it becomes apparent that Goku is going to chose his selfish want for a fight outweigh the danger such a tournament could have for all creation, Beerus threatens to erase Goku from existence.

If only Beerus had gone through with it.

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Reminding Zen-oh about the tournament has doomed a literal uncountable amount of people to destruction along with everything else in their respective universes. You see, there is no prize for winning Zen-oh’s “Tournament of Power”–only a punishment for losing. The winning universe survives. The rest do not.

Yet, when confronted with the horrible consequences of his selfish actions, Goku defaults to the position that, as long as he wins, everything will be fine. Of course, Goku doesn’t even consider the fate of all the universes that aren’t his own.

Still, a part of him clearly knows what he has done is wrong. When he tells Gohan about the potential destruction of the universe, he neglects to mention who is responsible for the tournament existing in the first place.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Goku is maliciously evil. After all, Goku is pure of heart–as we saw a few episodes back when he was shown as still being able to ride the Flying Nimbus. However, there is a point where intentions matter little when paired against the consequences of actions. Despite being warned of the apocalyptic possibilities, universe upon universe will be wiped from existence just because Goku couldn’t wait for his next big fight.

Goku’s a dick, you guys.

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  1. You and all seem to purposely miss part of the tournament.
    The UNIVERSE that wins, gets to keep existing.
    The FIGHTER who wins, gets the super dragon balls… so he/she can wish all creation back into existence.
    Just saying, is a very Dragonbally way to solve problems (also a Key way, but that’s a discussion for another time).

    • ….And that’s an excuse for so thoughtlessly putting untold numbers of lives on the proverbial chopping block just for kicks?

      Don’t get me wrong, I love Goku, but Super has his character twisted in all kinds of unpleasant ways. DBZ Goku never would’ve done something like this. Never.

      • According to Toriyama Goku was portrayed all wrong in DBZ, here’s the full interview

        • Even granting that that’s the case though, Toriyama’s gripe is that Goku is more someone who just wants to fight against strong opponents and not so much a righteous hero. There’s a clear difference between that and being a sociopathic nut who’s willing to put entire universes on the chopping block based on the assumption that he’s going to win a fight.

      • So DBZ Goku would never do something like this? You mean the Goku who let Vegeta live despite the slaughter of Goku’s friends. The Goku who let Frieza power up his his full potential for the sake of a fight. The same Goku who attempted to let Frieza live, despite the massive threat to the universe. The same Goku who threw his own son into a fight against Cell. The same Goku who held back against Kid Buu all because he wanted Vegeta to have a shot at him. Not just that, but he could have defeated Fat Buu, but passed on it. You mean that Goku?

        • Alright, let’s go through ’em one by one:

          – Goku vs Vegeta. First of all, Nappa was the one who killed Goku’s friends, not Vegeta. Secondly, yeah, Goku let him go in part because of how much he admired his strength, but it was also because he wanted to take the higher moral ground and show Vegeta that they were better than him in that respect. It wasn’t just him being some dope looking for another fight down the road.

          – Goku vs Frieza. Yeah, Goku was going to let Frieza go… after he’d been sliced in half, had the ever lovin’ crap beaten out of him on a planet that was about the explode in the middle of pitch black space. Not exactly a show of mercy. Oh, and he ended up blowing him to bits anyway. In a world where PLOT ARMOR didn’t happen, that would’ve been the end of that.

          – Gohan vs Cell. Fair point here, but in fairness to Goku, he did try to jump in the fight once he realized what a colossal mistake that was.

          – Goku vs Kid Buu. Let’s be real here. In spite of whatever Goku said, he was NOT holding back against Kid Buu. Anyone who’s watched that fight could see that Goku was giving it everything he had, it wasn’t enough and Kid Buu ended up kicking his ass. Whether he said that out of misplaced pride or just sheer arrogance, I don’t know, but it ain’t true.

          – Goku vs Fat Buu. Again, fair point here, but this is a double whammy of plot convenience and Goku betting that Gotenks would’ve been enough to beat Fat Buu (which, in fairness, it definitely would’ve been if he hadn’t transformed into Super Buu).

          Yes, that Goku. No doubt that he made some obviously questionable and outright stupid decisions at times, but not a single one of those is anywhere near the immeasurable levels of stupidity that Super’s Goku treads on. It’s the gap between the heavens and the earth. There’s no comparison.

          • I totally agree with you about everything, but you are missing the point that goku didn’t think about the option that the universes that lose will be erased. He thought zen oh was a great guy. Sure he should’ve listened to beerus but still…

          • Alright, let’s go through ’em one by one:
            -Never said Vegeta killed Goku’s friends, but Vegeta did oversee the slaughter as the leader. Vegeta made the decision to come to Earth. Vegeta told Nappa to kill them once he sensed Goku’s power. Vegeta threatened to blow up the planet if Goku dodged his blast and then nearly killed Goku’s son. Vegeta would then go on to kill his fair share of Nameks after Goku spared his life.
            Frieza had already told Goku that he could survive in space. Goku might be an airhead at times, but he knew Frieza would be fine as long as he got off the planet. Frieza would not have been just floating in pitch black space. And Goku ONLY blew Frieza to bits when Frieza attacked again, giving Goku no choice. If Frieza had survived, his death toll would have increased, as we saw him attempt TWICE since Namek.
            Goku vs Cell. In fair point, mis-reading his own son nearly got said son killed. Goku owes Android 16 his sons life. And it took Piccolo chewing Goku’s a new one, that he realized how foolish he was, while he had previously sat there smirking watching Gohan fight a battle he didn’t want to fight.
            Goku vs Kid Buu: Goku had never been one to lie about a battle. It has even been said numerous times in Super that Goku does not fight seriously at first. Which has always been try. Goku doesn’t have misplaced pride in a fight. We saw that the moment he gave up against Cell and against Hit in Super.
            Goku vs Fat Buu: yes, betting in TWO LITTLE BOYS, one of which is your son that you just had met for the 1st time is not foolish at all, fusion or no.
            And arguing Plot point plot point at every corner doesn’t further the discussion. Otherwise we can say that about everything on here; everything being at convince of writers, and end it there.
            But Goku’s decisions in Super have been on par for what he did in Z. He never consults anyone. He ignores warnings, even from higher beings. Does what he wants to do with no regard for others or their feelings, no matter how bad the possibilities may be. Goku’s stupid decisions, which are strictly for plot purposes (haha jk), have generally put others in danger. This is just the first time he’s put multiple universes in danger.

        • I think he let veget a live because he survived the spirit bomb which meant he wasnt completely evil. The only person that he actually killed with it was kid buu because he was pure evil

        • Same Goku who left the fate of the Universe to a 7 year old and 8 year against Buy. Same Goku who didn’t go SSJ3 so Vegeta’s feelings wouldn’t be hurt even though he killed innocent people in the tournament crowd.

      • +1 to this

    • But what if the fighter who wins doesn’t want to wish all of creation back into existence? I mean, sure, we know Goku will end up winning and doing what you’re saying, but… what kind of person would gamble countless lives on the assumption they’d win, for no reason other than their own boredom? That’s… kind of sociopathic, really.

      • Again you are missing the point. Goku didn’t mean that to happen he just wanted to fight. He thought Zen oh was a good guy. Sure he is stupid but it didn’t happen because he wanted it to happen.

    • well i just think that, goku made a pact with zen, to lie to other fighters, that the world is gonna be destroyed, so they would go all in in this tournament, we all know goku wants a good fight

    • Goku didn’t know that the universe that wins gets to keep existing so it doesn’t really …. work out.
      And the fighter who wins gets the super dragon balls and can make a wish that’s true ,but why would they destroy the universes that louses just so he can wish them to come back into existence, that doesn’t make any sense Miguel.

  2. Naturally the Super Dragon Balls are the big ‘default’ since we all know it’s going to be Team Goku that ultimately wins the day — or at the very least, Zen-oh, may just cancel the whole “Losing Universes get screwed” thing if things don’t go our hero’s way. HOWEVER….. Goku is, indeed an over 9000 DICK!
    (… and they’ll probably kill Yamcha again. Cue the hole.)

    • With all respect, Zen-oh has to be the dumbest, most ill-conceived plot device in this entire series. No matter how high up the proverbial totem pole we got, whether it was just King Yama, the Kais, Grand Kais or Supreme Kai, there was always a sense of certainty in that the adults were in charge.

      Zen-oh just spits in the face of all that and says that everything is chaos and you and your entire universe can be snuffed out based on a child’s momentary whim. This is just dumb.

  3. He’s also an absolutely disgusting father.

    • Pretty much. What happened to the cool dad from Dead Zone that went to save his son right away, huh? Super’s Goku just basically says f*** it and does whatever the hell he wants. Even Kid Goku was better than this.

  4. Goku is the classic example of ‘either u die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain’

  5. Let’s not forget who Goku is based off of. The monkey king was not locked up in that mountain prison without cause.

  6. Well,Goku is a martial artist,and also a Saiyan,a race that likes to fight all the time.And if u guys think carefully,he’s the only true Saiyan that exist since Vegeta is a mix to begin with.Goku’s brain is a bit loose since childhood,the only think he knows are food and fighting,aside from friendship.To sum it all up,when he request for a tournament from Zen Oh,he never think about the outcome from his request,rather the excitement for being able to fight against strong opponents from other universe.One could say that Zen Oh and Goku have similarity…..naivety.

    • How is Vegeta a mix and not a true saiyan?

  7. Goku is a fighting autist

  8. I agree, although, it’s great to have a DB series going now, I’ve been very disappointed with this version of Goku. He’s been hawkish in his whole approach, his lust for fighting with no care of the consequences has been troubling for me. I started watching DB when it first came out back in the late 80’s as an 11 yrs, while my family was stationed in Europe. From back then until the last series, the threats had always been coming from outsiders. This time, Goku seems to create the crisis, more often than none, out of his own selfishness.

  9. Are you people forgetting that in fact Goku is the one that is giving the universes a chance of survival instead of him being the one who is setting the loser up for destruction. In episode 80 of db super Zen-oh gave instructions to the great priest to convey the message that there are in fact too many universes. And goku’s request for a tournament was just another sollution for this problem. But the great priest also clearly says that universe 1, 12, 5 and 8 wont be erased because their mortal level is over 7. Then whis as a sum up says ” so the low level universes were already going to be erased, but if they win they can remain”. So clearly Goku is in fact the one that is giving these universes a chance of survival. If he didn’t suggest this tournament to zen-oh, zen-oh would have just destroyed these lower level universes.

    So the whole fuss about goku doing this and that. Even if we didn’t know that the lower level universes were already going to be erased, how the hell was goku supposed to know that zen-oh wouldl decide that the defeated universes would be destroyed. He just wanted to fight strong opponents and this was the perfect way for him to do that. He even said that he would go to zen-oh to talk him out of destroying the losing universes but whis and beerus said not to do that. So blaming it all on goku is wrong.

    • well, actually Goku is giving the other weak universes a chance to live because they would of all prob been destroyed at some point anyway without his involvement, Universe 7 would have prob not been destroy because they like Goku so there was no real risk for him.

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