Little Witch Academia
Genre: Fantasy
Season: Winter 2017
Premiere Date: January 9, 2017


Created by Japanese animation studio TRIGGER (Kill la Kill, Kiznaiver) and animator Yoh Yoshinari, Little Witch Academia began as a short film in 2013 made for Anime Mirai (currently known as Anime Tamago), a project used to train young animators. A new episode was funded via crowdfunding website Kickstarter, where it reached its goal of $150 thousand within five hours. The project ended with $625,518 collected.

A full-fledged television anime series with a story separate from the films was announced in 2016. Little Witch Academia has also inspired two manga series.


Ever since seeing Shining Chariot’s magic show when she was young, Akko has dreamed of becoming a witch. In order to make her wish come true, she enrolls at “Luna Nova Magical Academy,” a traditional all-girls’ school where Chariot used to attend.

A new town, a new school, and new friends.

Akko and her friends Lotte and Sucy cause craziness during their broom-riding and magic classes at the school for witches. Akko’s taken her first step toward becoming a witch, and she’s bringing all of Luna Nova along for the bumpy ride!


Atsuko (Akko) Kagari
Voice: Megumi Han


A girl who came from Japan to become a witch. Determined to become a witch after being spellbound by Shiny Chariot’s magic show, she decided to attend the Luna Nova Magical Academy. She’s not very good at magic, but she’s doing her best to make her dream of becoming a witch like Chariot come true with a positive attitude. Her treasure is her Chariot trading card.

Lotte Jansson
Voice: Mamiko Noto


A Finnish girl who is Akko’s roommate. A kind and sincere girl, she is able to make calm jabs at Akko when she starts getting out of control. Lotte is a good singer, and can even summon Nordic spirits by singing witch folk songs. She is a rabid fan of Nightfall, a novel that revolves around a vampire’s bittersweet romance.

Sucy Manbavaran
Voice: Michiyo Murase


Akko’s classmate who is said to have come from Southeast Asia, but as she’s quite the enigma, no one really knows. She’s crazy about poisons, and researches both toxins from animals like spiders and snakes as well as plant poisons from things like mushrooms, sometimes using Akko as her personal guinea pig. She’s a sharp-tongued cynic who does things at her own pace.

Diana Cavendish
Voice: Yoko Hikasa


Akko’s British classmate who is from a family of famous witches. She has a brilliant mind and is highly-skilled in magic, leading her to be called the greatest student since Luna Nova’s founding. She often butts heads with Akko because of her serious and righteous personality.

Amanda O’Neill
Voice: Arisa Shida


A delinquent girl from the United States. A girl with sticky fingers, her hobby is stealing treasure, and she even goes so far as to sneak into the school’s storehouse and play pranks on the security force. She loves dancing and parties.

Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank Albrechtsberger
Voice: Rie Murakawa


A machine-loving German girl who brings high-tech devices into school despite them being against the rules and sells them after altering them with magic. She seems to be researching something a bit fishy with Sucy, whom she gets along with…

Jasminka Antonenko
Voice: Reina Ueda

Jasminka Antonenko

A girl from Russia who loves to eat, and loves nothing more than sweets and peace. She often gets scolded by the teacher for eating snacks during class. Her nickname is Jasna.

Ursula Charistes
Voice: Noriko Hidaka


The instructor of magic astronomy at Luna Nova Magical Academy. She dotes on and watches over Akko from the shadows as she recklessly runs forward to achieve her dream. There are rumors that she was once Shining Chariot…

Shining Chariot
Voice: Noriko Hidaka


A once globally popular witch who caused a magic boom around the world thanks to her magic shows. However, after the boom peaked and eventually died down, she suddenly retired. Her whereabouts are unknown.

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Original Creator: TRIGGER, Yoh Yoshinari
Director/Original Character Design: Yoh Yoshinari
Series Composition: Michiru Shimada
Main Character Design: Shuhei Handa
Color Design: Yukiko Kakita
Director of Photography: Daisuke Okumura, Naoki Yorozu
Main Animator: Takafumi Hori
Design Works: Yusuke Yoshigaki
Editing: Kentaro Tsubone
Music: Michiru Oshima
Sound Director: Jun Watanabe
Sound Effects: Kiyotaka Kawada
Opening Theme Song: “Shiny Ray” by YURiKA
Ending Theme Song: “Hoshi wo Tadoreba” (If You Follow a Star) by Yuiko Ohara
Production: TRIGGER


Megumi Han as Akko Kagari
Mamiko Noto as Lotte Hanson
Michiyo Murase as Sucy Manbavaran
Yoko Hikasa as Diana Cavendish
Arisa Shida as Amanda O’Neill
Rie Murakawa as Constanze Braunschbank Albrechtsberger
Reina Ueda as Jasminka Antonenko
Noriko Hidaka as Professor Ursula, Shining Chariot

©2017 TRIGGER/Yoh Yoshinari/Little Witch Academia Production Committee

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