Like Macross? Want to see a massive collection of character designs and other art from the latest series, Macross Delta? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Currently, the Parco Museum in Ikebukuro is hosting the “Macross Delta World Exhibit.”

It has walls full of original character designs.

And walls covered in the final character designs.






Then there’s a section comparing the anime’s keyframe line art next to the final finished shots used in the show.



There is also a section showcasing the setting of the show with some concept art of the various locals and landmarks.


And of course there is plenty of art of the transforming mecha planes that are synonymous with the franchise. (And even some prototype models using Legos and past Macross models which we weren’t allowed to take pictures of.)




Past the production art area, you can sit yourself upon the throne of Windermere and get a picture or two with the Aerial Knights.


Or you can get a picture with the girls of Walküre in front of the Macross Elysion.



You can even get a picture with Delta Squadron pilot Messer.


And what Macross exhibit would be complete without a Macross merchandise filled gift shop.






The “Macross Delta World Exhibit” will run until February 2, 2017 at the Parco Museum (on the 8th floor of the Parco department store) an Ikebukuro Station. And if you need a meal after your visit, you can head next door and check out the (eminently popular) Your Name. cafe on the same floor.

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  1. Hello,
    I went to the Parco Museum as well and just wanted to mention that the room with the character design art is photography prohibited. There’s a “No Photography” sign displayed on the wall in one of your photos as well. I’m a fan of Macross Delta too, but let’s show everyone that we also respect the rules : )

    • As members of the press, we contacted the museum–and through them the rights holders–and got permission to take these pictures before we even set foot in the gallery. In fact, staff was with me off and on as I took these pictures. And yes, there were rules we had to follow (like no super closeups of the art and that some prototype things couldn’t be photographed).

      But rest assured, no stealth photography here at Anime Now!

  2. Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Macross the Movie, Macross Plus, Macross Zero were all exceptional (singing and long-haired metrosexual military men and women notwithstanding). Macross II, Delta, Frontier and all rest jumped the shark dozens of times. Put this franchise to bed.

  3. Hello Richard,
    Thanks for the reply. Great to hear that etiquette was followed and the museum staff were kind to let you take some photos for the Press : )
    I took some photos in that area too. When I noticed the “No photography” sign afterwards, I deleted my photos. I I didn’t want to upset Mr. Kawamori and team : )

  4. They look great! It’s a shame the ideas and concepts look great on paper, but almost never used in the TV series; those that are used are poorly executed/utilized.

  5. Fans can see more of these design arts in the Macross Delta Character Design Works art book 🙂

  6. I will be headed to Tokyo in late April 2017…. Will this or similar Macross exhibitions still be around? Thought they might move to another location?

    • At that point the exhibit will be long gone. However, there is always a possibility of similar exhibits popping up.

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