Now that the new anime of Hideaki Sorachi’s sci-fi samurai action-comedy manga Gintama is in full swing, it seems as if the merch for the series just won’t stop coming. Toy company Banpresto is putting a bunch of new squishy Gintama goods into Japanese arcades next month, with the stand-out crane game prize being a big plushie of series mascot Elizabeth–who may or may not be an old guy hiding away in a duck suit:


Now, a 60 cm (about 2 feet) plush might not seem that much of a stretch… How the company suggests you use it, however, is a little bit odd. This stuffed animal comes with a chain at the top with which you can attach it to your bag or belt.


How is this woman supposed to walk with that thing hanging from her leg? Maybe it should be mentioned that the name of this product is “Gintama Genkai Toppa Nuigurumi ~Ookii Hou ga Ii Janai!!?,” which basically means “Gintama Limit-Breaking Plush ~Wait, So Bigger ISN’T Better!!?”

3月:銀魂 おつかれさまぬいぐるみ~万事屋銀ちゃん~©空知英秋/集英社・テレビ東京・電通・BNP・アニプレックス

If you’re looking for even more cute merchandise (with more appropriate names), you’ll be happy to know that you can pick up these plushies of the show’s characters with the “Otsukare-sama Nuigurumi” (Good Work For One Day Plushies) line of toys. Heck, you can even get the whole Yorozuya gang together with these adorable plushies of the show’s protagonists Gintoki (measuring 25 cm or 10 inches), Shinpachi (22 cm or 8.5 inches), and Kagura (also 22 cm).

3月:銀魂 おつかれさまぬいぐるみ~武装警察・真選組~©空知英秋/集英社・テレビ東京・電通・BNP・アニプレックス

Their buddies from the Shinsengumi–Tōshirō Hijikata and Sōgo Okita–will also be available. It appears that even when transformed into a blob of cuteness, Hijikata will never let go of his beloved cigarettes. Hijikata measures 25 cm, while his partner measures 22 cm.

4月:銀魂 おつかれさまぬいぐるみ~武装集団・鬼兵隊/戦闘民族・夜兎族~©空知英秋/集英社・テレビ東京・電通・BNP・アニプレックス

Don’t forget the villains in this plushie party; Gintoki’s eternal rival Takasugi and Kagura’s brother Kamui can also be found at arcades. Both of these measure 22 cm in length.

These goods are scheduled to show up in arcades all throughout Japan beginning in mid-February. You can check Banpresto’s website for other Gintama goods to make sure you don’t miss any updates on future merch.

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The fourth season of Gintama is airing now in Japan, and is available for those outside of the country to watch on Crunchyroll with English subtitles. Although Sentai Filmworks once had the rights to publish the anime in North America, Crunchyroll now holds the home video rights to the series. Viz Media published the manga in North America before giving up after volume 23.

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