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While the Chain Chronicle anime is currently airing on TV this season, the series is also being released as three movies in theaters weeks before they appear on TV. The first film, released in December, is made up for the first four episodes. Similarly, the second film is a compilation of the next four episodes–i.e., episodes five through eight. And let me tell you, things are not getting better for our heroes.

[This article contains spoilers for films Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas Chapter 1 and 2–i.e., episodes one through eight of the TV anime.]

As is quickly apparent in the first film (as well as the first episode), Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas is built around a simple question: “What if the heroes lost to the final boss?” Heck, in the first few minutes, the main hero is defeated, the most powerful magic book in the world is torn in half, the armies of light are scattered, and the guardian spirit of the planet is seemingly killed.

Image Source: 株式会社 セガゲームス セガネットワークス カンパニー on YouTube.

In the second film, things only get worse as allies fall, civil wars loom, corruption spreads, and the land burns.

Perhaps the most prevalent feeling in Chain Chronicle is one of dread–and it is one proven true again and again. For every success our heroes have, they suffer three defeats. Yet, despite this, the ever dwindling number of heroes cling to hope for victory even as it gets further and further away.

Though, that’s not to say that the heroes are unaware of how screwed they are. The second film centers around one of major points of the first film: Yuri, the main hero and the man who united the forces of light to stand against the evil king, has been infected by the blight staining the the land. Suffering from hallucinations and an amplification of his own doubts and despair, it’s only a matter of time until he falls–becoming a pawn of evil. Even the remaining power of the Chain Chronicle itself can do nothing to stop what is coming.

This is where we come to the second key question poised by the anime: “What if the ‘hero’ we know and love wasn’t actually the true hero of the story?”

Yuri knows he is doomed–though he plans to fight against it to the bitter end. Yet, that’s where Aram comes in. Aram is a young thief who survives by his own means but still has a solid sense of justice–even if laws mean little to him. As Yuri spends more time with Aram, he realizes the truth: It is Aram who is the true hero that will defeat the evil king.

Therefore, Yuri is not the hero he always thought himself to be; he’s the mentor. Thus, it becomes a race to teach Aram about the power that comes from cooperation and friendship so that he will be able to lead the forces of light even when Yuri himself turns to the dark.

And the more we learn about Yuri in the second film, the clearer it becomes that Yuri was never quite the right man to fight a being of pure evil in the first place. This is mainly because Yuri’s drive comes from dark emotions–emotions the evil king and his minions can exploit and corrupt.

At the heart of why Yuri fights is loss. He trained in the hopes of gaining enough power to protect his hometown. And while he was strong enough to keep himself alive, those around him were slaughtered. Thus, everything he does is in the hopes of protecting those he cares about and the world at large. He wants to prevent any such tragedies from coming to pass again. Thus, both his power and weakness are based in one thing: the guilt over his failures. So, of course, failing to beat the final boss lets the corruption in–feeding on his doubts and failures until it turns a good man evil.

Image Source: 株式会社 セガゲームス セガネットワークス カンパニー on YouTube.

Aram’s strength, on the other hand, comes not from loss but from gain. At the start, he had nothing. He was just a lowly thief living a solitary life with no one to count on but himself. But now, he has companions and a goal. He has learned much about life and friendship and understands completely just how much better his life has become. He is truly fit to be the hero. While others despair, he is the only one who has found hope and happiness in the final days of the world. He is fighting to protect the wonders he has so recently discovered–and to give others the chance to gain the same.

So even as disasters mount and his friends despair, Aram remains the one to never waver. He is the hope of the world. But when the heroes have already lost once, can anyone hope to save a world that has fallen so far?

Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas Chapter 2 was released in Japanese theaters on January 14, 2017.

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  1. I can’t wait to see what happens at the end. These next 2 month are going to be torture while we wait each week for the next episode if crunchyroll does not release the 2nd and 3rd movie during the series of the anime.

    • Not gonna lie, having to watch week-by-week would kill me. Being able to watch this one in chunks is very nice.

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