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There are many things in my life I didn’t know I needed. Lesbian dragons is another to add to the list.

From the very first episode, you can tell that Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is different. There’s something about it that’s just not like other series of this ilk. And it has very little to do with the fact that the “harem,” as it were, is full of dragons and mythical creatures. It has everything to do that the particular dragon, the titular Dragon Maid, is seemingly a lesbian dragon.

Yes, the main relationship in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a same-sex pairing: the innocent and adoring Tohru and the office worker known as Kobayashi. It’s something you rarely, if ever, see in monster girl shows or even traditional series that end up introducing a whole troupe of characters who come to live with the protagonist. And in this case, it works surprisingly well.

Of course, the linchpin in all of this is Miss Kobayashi herself. She’s a rather blas√©, hardworking office woman with all the traits you’ve probably come to expect from male characters playing the same role. She’s lackadaisical, ho-hum, and yet caring to a fault–though she’s caught off-guard by the fact that a dragon has come to live with her and work as her in-house maid. She’s the exact same character you’d expect to see pulled straight out of your favorite anime with an all-female harem–only she’s female instead of male–and the anime makes no bones about it, nor Tohru the dragon maid’s attraction to her.

That’s what the whole series revolves around, after all. After a long night out drinking, Kobayashi actually saved Tohru from peril and drunkenly invited the dragon to live with her. As for Tohru, she’s so beside herself with happiness and affection for Kobayashi that she can barely contain herself, physically or emotionally–and it’s adorable to see. As a result Kobayashi nearly always ends up playing the straight man (ironically given her relationship with Tohru) to the dragon maid’s seemingly never-ending supply of jokes and double entendres. And forget about Kobayashi’s coworker Makoto Takiya, who seems like he could be some sort of romantic rival at first. Before Tohru learns more about him, she’s out for blood. Sometimes literally.

Tohru is quick to point out that she’s interested in Kobayashi in a sexual manner when asked–meaning the attraction between dragon maid and mistress is more than just supposition. While it’s not abundantly clear what sexual preferences Kobayashi has, it’s clear that Tohru is interested in pursuing a lesbian relationship with her and that alone gives this series an intriguing edge on the rest of the series going. It’s nice to see a female protagonist too that isn’t afraid of the slightest hint of nudity or going postal about panties. We need more women like Kobayashi going forward, in fact, regardless of their sexual inclinations.

I’m excited to see what this show has in store for both Tohru and Kobayashi, especially with the various “quirks” Tohru possesses as a dragon. Could their relationship evolve into something more despite all of the strangeness that has to do with her being an actual dragon? They got around all of these strange ideas in My Girlfriend is A T-Rex, but I’m curious how things could play out with this couple.

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Regardless of what happens or if the show plays this relationship straight, I’m glad it turned the tables on what could have been just another show about a random guy who ends up having dragon women staying at his house for whatever reason. I love my fair share of those, but I’m just glad to see something different–even if all that different is a female lead who isn’t a “Miss Priss” who’s scared of things that are out of the norm and a lesbian dragon maid.

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  1. This headline made my day!.

    • Same here! Of course, I do not think this is an actual yuri anime but this show is very comfy and relaxing.

  2. I will admit that the first episode didn’t impress me too much, but I liked the second episode a lot more, so I definitely plan on keeping up with this one.

    And yes, the world needs more lesbian dragon maids.

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