Welcome to 2017 and a new season of anime. As is customary, I’ve been assigned to pick my most anticipated upcoming anime. My pick this time is Yōjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil.

First off, I have a few personal base rules with my most anticipated upcoming picks. Firstly: No sequels. Yes, I’m aware that the first thing I did last time was throw that rule out the window, but I’d like that to be the exception and not the rule. Secondly: It must be a series where I know nothing about the source material and thus have no pre-established opinions going in. Most if not all information must come solely from the available trailers at the time of picking. Note that, as with my fall pick, these are personal rules, and as such, are subject to bending or breaking depending on just how enthusiastic I am about said pick.

That said, my initial impressions of Yōjo Senki from its trailers were actually not all that overwhelming. It certainly looks interesting–a war story with magical girls… can’t go wrong there. I’ve certainly enjoyed my time with Izetta: The Last Witch and Brave Witches. I had all but written off the series as an interesting adventure to satisfy my newfound interest in war mechanics until I saw the description of the series as written on this site:

A Japanese office worker reborn as a vicious young girl.

A Japanese office worker.

So a little bit about myself: Years ago, I used to work in an office. I was what is commonly known in Japan as a “salaryman.” I wore a suit and tie, rode crowded trains in the morning to work, sat in a semi-cubicle all day doing this and that, worked overtime, and went home exhausted only to repeat the process for four more days each week. I lived a Dilbert cartoon strip for quite a while. And I hated everything about it. From the ignorant managers who could ruin your day just by opening their mouths, to the being treated like an object and not a human being, to the soul-sucking train rides where there was nothing to do but actively try not to care about anything or anybody.

To be quite honest, being a salaryman broke me. If I hadn’t decided to quit after the vice president of the company personally scolded me for taking time off to attend to my grandfather’s funeral, I doubt I would still be alive today. There’s a reason why ReLIFE ended up as my favorite series from the summer season.

So, seeing that little note in the series summary immediately set off bells in my head. The fact that the character used to be an office worker is stated means that though she is reborn as a young girl, she very likely retains the memories of her previous life. This is fascinating to me as it provides the opportunity for tons of character development. I have a lot of emotional investment in seeing how the memories of a previous life as an office worker might mold and dictate Tanya’s actions.

Yōjo Senki is classified under “Military” and “Drama” for its genre. Obviously, I’m looking forward to all the war action–the guns and soldiers and exciting boom boom on the battlefield–but more than anything, I’m dying to see how the “Drama” aspect will play out.

Yōjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil will begin airing in Japan on January 6, 2017. No simulcast information has been announced at this time.

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