It’s been a hell of a year for Anime Now!. We moved from inception, to launch, to partnership with ANN, to relaunch. I am proud of the work we’ve done, so here, in reverse chronological order, I give you the top 100 Anime Now! articles of 2016 (as chosen by me) so you too can see the best Anime Now! has to offer.

The Best Anime of 2016

How Your Name. Became Japan’s Most Popular Film of 2016

From Typical American Anime Fan to Naruto Theme Song Singer

How the Characters of Kabaneri Got Their Makeup Done

Why Keijo!!!!!!!! Is My Guilty Pleasure

In Trickster, Immortality Is Like a Parasite

So You Lost to the Final Boss. Now what?

Twenty Years of Persona in One Gallery

Bungo Stray Dogs’ Most Powerful Tale Is Its Prequel

Why You Should Watch the Shadows in Occultic;Nine

Naruto Shippuden’s Childhood Arc Shows Sides of Characters We’ve Never Seen

Evangelion Creator Talks the Future of the Franchise

I’m Motivated to Exercise with Sexy Anime Girls

Why Char’s True Rival Isn’t Amuro Ray

Rebuild of Evangelion Studio Celebrates its 10th Anniversary With Art Gallery

The Town of Ōarai and Girls und Panzer: A Collaborative Success Story

Producer Talks about the Struggle of Bringing Genocidal Organ to the Silver Screen

Why Miyazaki Quit Filmmaking and Why He Wants to Return

Why Ghost in the Shell’s Major Is So Different between the Movies, Manga, and TV Anime

The Five Must-Watch Anime of Fall 2016

From Meme to Anime: The Story of Gakuen Handsome

Six Magical Notebooks Cause Chaos around the World in Death Note Sequel

Kiss Him, Not Me Takes the High Road with Its Heroine’s Weight Gain

Hell Is in Your Head: A Talk with the Voices behind Genocidal Organ

In Brave Witches, Simply Trying Hard Is Not Enough

Genius Meets Blackmailer in the First Itazurana Kiss Movie

Why There Is No Sword Art Online VRMMO Game and What the Future May Bring

Cyborgs Fight the Mutant Illuminati in the New Cyborg009

The Majestic Prince Movie Never Forgets Its Most Important Element: Fun

Staff and Cast Reminisce on Martian Successor Nadesico Twenty Years Later

The Tale of a Japanese Housewife in the Looming Shadow of Hiroshima

Magical Girl Raising Project Proves Magical Girls Don’t Have to Be Girls at All

In To Be Hero, Super Mario Turns Men into Fat, Super-powered Slobs

Director Komatsuda Explains What BBK/BRNK Is Really about

Girlish Number’s Voice Actress Heroine Is an Ass, and I Love Her

Grab Your Popcorn, Gantz: O is One Heck of a Ride

Tekken Producer Harada Wants to Make an Anpanman Action Game

Ghibli’s Newest Film Tells a Fantastical Story with No Dialogue

The Confusing Mystery of Goku Black Explained

Alderamin on the Sky’s Ending Changes the Meaning of the Entire Series

How Izetta’s World War II Stacks Up to the Real Thing

Every Episode of Gakeun Handsome is Worth Watching Twice

Ah! My Goddess’ Kosuke Fujishima Celebrates 30 Years of Art

The Best Watch Order for Danganronpa 3

In Digimon Adventure Tri, Growing Up Means Facing Frustration and Loss

A Silent Voice is a Story of Guilt and How We Deal With It

The Eight Deadly Sins of Crappy Games According to Saiki K.

BBK/BRNK Has a Hellish Take on Immortality

Voice of Yu-Gi-Oh!‘s Kaiba Talks The Dark Side of Dimensions

Mob Psycho 100 Has a Con Artist You Can Really Root For

Persona 5’s Anime Gives Us Morally Questionable Heroes

The Most Tragic Death in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable

Planetarian: Hoshi no Hito Is a Bittersweet Epilogue to a Heartwrenching Story

The One Piece Film Gold Real Escape Game Is More Than Just a Day At The Amusement Park

Watching a Child Comprehend the Concept of Death is Heartbreaking

Tales of Zestiria the X Makes Playing Berseria an Emotionally Crushing Experience

Gundam Unicorn’s Big Secret Lives Up to the Hype in Unexpected Ways

Why Goku Might Be the Only Person Capable of Being Friends with God

Your Name. is Both Body Swapping Comedy and Heartfelt Tearjerker

The Side Characters Make Arslan’s Second Season Worth Watching

Time Travel Girl Turns Famous Scientists into Anime Hunks

A Gundam Newbie’s Guide to Gundam Unicorn

Handa-kun Comedically Foreshadows Barakamon

Infinite Ryvius: The Anime That Changed My Life

Kizumonogatari Part 2 Is Wordplay, Fan Service, and Visual Beauty

Yu-Gi-Oh! Celebrates Twenty Years with Exhibit and Life-Sized Kaiba

Selling Manga at Comiket Is an Exhausting, Yet Riveting Experience

The Five Must-Watch Anime of Summer 2016

Voice of Space Dandy Suwabe Dreams of Being a Director

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Is a Short Introduction to a Magical World

Comiket 90 Cosplay Gallery: Day 1

The Berserk Anime Skipped the Story’s Most Messed Up Arc

The Danganronpa Series Explained

Why the Characters of Sunrise’s Cross Ange Anime Continue to Soar

How The Ending Theme Songs to ReLIFE Tie Into Each Episode

The Time Travel Story in orange Is Actually Rather Dark

The Protagonist of Battery Is a Character You Love to Hate

In Re:ZERO Character Growth Is a Long, Hard Road

Magical Girls Eating a Maid’s Baby Teeth and Other Ad-lib Comedy

Evangelion’s Creator Makes a Godzilla Film Unlike Any Other

Anime Art Director Scott MacDonald Talks about Getting into the Industry

Fate/kaleid liner is Pure Fan Service for Fate Fans

The Final Frame of One Piece Is Already Planned Out

Taboo Tattoo Reminded Me Just How Old I Am

Aniplex of America Talks Blu-rays and English Dubs

The Tales of Zestiria Minor Character Who Finally Lived

Tragedy Makes Trunks Dragon Ball Super’s Most Sympathetic Character

Magearna Shows That Good Characters Don’t Need Words in New Pokémon Film

The Music Alone Makes Qualidea Code Worth Watching

The Reality Behind the Jokes of Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear

The Second Chihayafuru Movie Is the Best Kind of Sequel

The Original Macross Explained

Handa-kun Isn’t a Comedy–It’s a Tragedy

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Sets the Stage for an Epic Adventure

Anime Expo Cosplay Gallery: Part 1

The First Chihayafuru Movie Starts Weak, But Ends Strong

Let’s Take a Look at Mayoiga’s Big Unsolved Mystery

Macross Delta Is About the Costs of Colonization

How My Hero Academia Won Me Over

The Twisted Thought Process Behind And you thought there is never a girl online?

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