Occultic;Nine is an occult mystery tale that takes place in modern-day Japan. If the locations that appear throughout the series seem real, that’s because they are. We checked out some of the real locations that appear in the series. Have a look!

[Note: This article contains spoilers for Occultic;Nine.]

Inokashira Park

Inokashira Park is the location of where the 256 incident happens at the opening of the anime. The park is featured numerous times throughout the series, but most prominently during the 256 incident. The pond where the 256 incident occurs is above.

At the beginning of episode three, the detective, Syun Moritsuka, meets the doujin writer, Ririka Nishizono, at some benches in the park. During their conversations, a homeless old man is seen on a concrete stage yelling to whoever will listen. The actual benches and stage are below:

CafeBar Bloomoon

CafeBar Bloomoon serves as the main characters’ base of operations. The first appearance of the outside, featured below, can be seen at roughly four minutes into the first episode.

It’s actually a little hard to tell in the anime, but CafeBar Bloomoon is located on the second floor of the building.

The inside was featured heavily in the series, and you can see that the animators did a pretty spot-on job of recreating it in the anime.

Seikei University

Called, “Seimei University” in the anime, it serves as the school for several of the main characters. Sarai Hashigami goes to the college. The college billboard below, featured roughly eight minutes into the first episode, is where he encounters Ririka Nishizono.


Called “Anmeiji” in the series, the temple is home to two of the Seven Lucky Gods, Bishamonten and Jurōjin. The temple first appears roughly eight minutes into episode six when the main characters go to find out what happened to Chizu Kawabata, a friend of one of the characters, Miyuu Aikawa.

Below are the stairs where they find the albino boy and his macabre box.

The temple is also featured again in episode nine when Miyuu goes back after receiving a mysterious email from Chizu.

The bomb fragments are also there–although the secret underground passage is not.

Fuchū Air Base

The location of two massive antennae measuring 45 feet in diameter. The antennae, dubbed “Odd Eye” in the series, are featured in the ending theme as well as quite prominently the final episode. Used for tropospheric scatter in real life, the antennae play a different sort of role in the series.

A lot of anime utilize real world locations to add to their atmosphere and give a hint of authenticity to their stories to make them feel more a part of our world. And it works. Visiting the locations from Occultic;Nine was actually exciting. Going to specific locations gives them an exciting atmosphere that you wouldn’t feel if you hadn’t seen them in the series. They become a virtual bridge to the anime world, which is probably the next best thing to actually going into the anime world.

Occultic;Nine can be viewed on Daisuki and Crunchyroll in the US, and on AnimeLab in AU/NZ.

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