When it comes to ecchi anime and even outright hentai, I’m pretty discerning. You can see that kind of thing just about anywhere, so if I’m going to look for it in the anime I consume, it had better have a good reason for existing beyond offering a bunch of lewd situations strung together by a thin plot thread.

Of course, that’s exactly what some might call My Wife is the Student Council President’s first and second seasons, the latter of which just finished airing a week or so ago. It’s just about exactly what you’d surmise from the title: The student council president is supposed to marry someone, and in this case it’s the vice president of the student council. The show follows one Hayato Izumi, who’s actually running at the start of the show for president himself, but his plans are foiled by the gorgeous and seemingly perfect Ui Wakana. Her election speech is a bit unorthodox, as she tosses a handful of condoms in the air while promising to support free love among the student body. Needless to say, after this stunt, she’s elected. Well, not only for that–she’s admired by both male and female students as well for her looks, personality, and honesty.

So it may have been a bizarre move from Ui as far as the election goes, but the even weirder actions from her occur when she shows up at Hayato’s house. She does so with a makeshift wedding veil, her baggage, and an ultimatum: They’re to be married, thanks to an agreement between their parents from long ago. As Hayato’s fiancee, Ui does her best to please Hayato in a romantic and sexual manner, much to his dismay most of the time. From that day forward, Hayato tries to keep their relationship a secret, which is made incredibly and increasingly difficult as the days pass, especially when the head of discipline and school nurse move in next door as neighbors. You can imagine the direction the show takes from there, right? Lots of misunderstandings between the trio, sexual tension, and panty shots?

That’s where you’d be wrong. Sure, all of that stuff is in here. And it’s also an adult series that goes far beyond what’s generally acceptable for these types of shows. It’s actually a breath of fresh air. The uncensored version, especially, shows off some definite breaches of ecchi “etiquette” that pave the way for the show to veer off into slight softcore porn territory, and sometimes beyond. But these moments never feel out of place, or like they are happening just for the sake of making things dirty.

Despite how strange the arrangement seems, Hayato himself seems to deal with it all in a surprisingly healthy and believable way, testing Ui’s boundaries and never really succumbing to the typical “are we or aren’t we” coupling cliches you normally see in other copycat series. There’s obvious sexual tension, and Hayato, being a man with typical urges and feelings toward the opposite sex, sometimes acts on them. When the anime actually shows this happening, it’s still quite surprising because it’s otherwise a story that could happen in real life (albeit the probability is extremely low). Under different circumstances, it could absolutely be a situation a person like Hayato could find themselves in, minus the whole marriage thing.

I’m not saying My Wife is the Student Council President is especially realistic, of course, but it does demonstrate shades of real human emotion and complex interaction between copious amounts of nipple shots and other sexual moments. It feels as though it takes its adult viewership in mind and gives us what we want to see. And since that’s a rarity in a series like this, I really appreciate it. It was certainly one of the better shows of this season as far as shorts go, and I’m excited that I got more of it after an excellent first run.

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