WWW.WAGNARIA!! is a slice-of-life sitcom about the lives and relationships of the staff working in a family restaurant. Hardly the place you’d find a moment that would make your eyes start leaking water involuntarily. Or so you’d think.

[Note: This article contains spoilers for the final episode of WWW.WAGNARIA!!]

As a sitcom, every episode of WWW.WAGNARIA!! plays out in pretty much the same way. You have the individual characters running around and having humorous interactions with minute points of story or character development here and there. Then, the episode pulls off its finishing gag or comment and ends with the closing theme song and a preview of the next episode.

The ending theme itself is a lighthearted piece sung by three male members of the main cast. It mainly features the series’ mascot character, Valentinius–or Saint Valentine–dancing around as the music plays.

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However, for the final episode’s ending, the theme is sung by not only the male members, but the female members of the main cast as well, making for a charming and fitting grand chorus.

To someone seeing the final ending without any context, it’s sort of a final hurrah to cap off the series. However, after having gone through the entire series, it had an altogether different effect on me.

WWW.WAGNARIA!! is a series about the forming of relationships between its characters. There are three main couples within the series. Each has their own quirks and issues that are introduced and develop over the events of the thirteen episodes of the series. One relationship is between the daughter of a wealthy creditor and the son of a wasteful debtor. One is between a weak-willed cook and a cool, quiet young girl with the ability to see ghosts. The third is between the series protagonist and its heroine, and is honestly the most healthy and enjoyable relationship that I’ve seen in a while.

The three male members also happen to be the singers of the ending theme. And after their relationships come to fruition in the finale, the female characters join them in the song.

The ending theme is not only a final send-off for the series, it’s also a celebration of the couples and their relationships working out. It’s joyous on multiple levels that really got to me as I watched it.

WWW.WAGNARIA!! is lighthearted in both the sense that it isn’t very serious and in the sense that it is overall jovial in nature. Watching the episodes has become a highlight of my week for the past few months where I could sit down, forget my worries, and just laugh at the fun hijinks of the various characters. Seeing the characters find their own comfort in the partnerships they find with their significant others was supremely gratifying, so much so that I found my eyes getting moist as the ending theme played for the final episode.

Anywhere else, the ending would have been just a novelty point, but after a season of enjoyable antics, seeing likable people be rewarded was an emotional punch to the jaw. This isn’t the first time a finale has nearly brought me to tears, but it is the first time a finale has nearly brought me to tears of joy. WWW.WAGNARIA!! is not my number one anime of the year or even the season, but the happiness I got out of that ending will probably stick in my memory more than any other series this year.

WWW.WAGNARIA!! can be viewed with English subtitles on Daisuki and Crunchyroll.

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