Here in Japan, we were given a special Christmas gift last night: Gravity Rush’s fifteen-minute anime.

Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture is based on the PlayStation Vita/PlayStation 4 title Gravity Rush. It follows an amnesiac girl, Kat, who–after awakening on a city floating amongst the clouds–discovers she is able to warp her own personal gravity. This basically means “down” becomes whichever direction she wishes–even if that means she is “falling” up into the sky.

With these powers, Kat becomes a superhero, saving the town from both invading monsters and power-hungry elements within the city’s own government. And while she meets and eventually befriends Raven, another girl with gravity shifting powers, Kat’s own history remains mysterious.

Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture takes place after the events of the first game and follows Kat and Raven in their short time of hard-won peace. Kat explores a street market before chancing upon a stall selling meat on a stick. But before she can get a taste of the morsel, a large group of the monstrous Nevi attack, forcing Kat to use her powers to dispatch them.

This half of the anime is meant to show those new to the series two things. The first is Kat’s personality–that she is kind-hearted but a bit too heavily ruled by her emotions for her own good. The second is Kat’s gravity powers. Everything you see Kat do in this anime, Kat can do in the game proper, be it flying, hand-to-hand combat, or levitating objects around her to use as projectile weapons.

The second half of the anime likewise focuses on introducing two key components of the story. The first is Kat and Raven’s relationship. Enemies for much of the first game, their shared trials and superpowers have made them fast friends, despite their personality differences. While Kat is carefree and emotional, Raven is serious and controlled. Yet both care deeply about doing the right thing, regardless of the obstacles in front of them.

The second component is the main conflict of the upcoming Gravity Rush 2. With children disappearing in town, Kat and Raven are eager to get to the bottom of the mystery. However, when they find the children, they are confronted by a new pair of mysterious enemies. And unlike the Nevi, these two are human in shape and come not from the lands below the flying city, but from the civilization above.

Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture works great as a short introduction to Kat and her world for first-time viewers. It shows what can be expected in both gameplay and plot through the two short stories. For fans of the original, it gives a little slice of what Kat has been up to since her first adventure, as well as a tantalizing tease about the adventures to come.

Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture aired on TV Tokyo on December 26, 2016. It is available now on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel.

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