In the world of ClassicaLoid, famous classical composers come to life once again in modern times, but not as we remember them. Some are idols, some are recluses, and some are just downright mad. But they all have one thing in common–they share a special ability to unleash the power of “muzik” at certain times, and with this, they let loose brand-new re-imaginings of their classic tunes.

So who are the famous real-life musicians behind the instances of “muzik” in ClassicaLoid?

Tomoyasu Hotei

Firstly, we have Tomoyasu Hotei, who is behind the new adaptation of perhaps the most eccentric of all of the ClassicaLoid characters, Ludwig von Beethoven. The pieces he was in charge of were the 5th Piano Concerto “Emperor” and the famous Symphony No.6 “Pastoral.”

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Symphony No.6: “Pastoral”
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Hotei is a highly-respected, world-famous musician thanks in large part to the use of his music in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, originally taken from the soundtrack to New Battles Without Honor or Humanity from 1974, which he also co-starred in.

He has participated in a variety of projects spanning the entire spectrum of popular media from music to movies and video games.

In an NHK TV special on ClassicaLoid aired November 6, he was interviewed briefly about his experience “updating” a Beethoven classic. About his involvement in the anime, he responded, “I believe I really did a proper collaboration with Beethoven. I think he and I are tuned into the same wavelength, and if he were here, he would really enjoy it.”


Tsunku is the incredibly prolific mastermind behind many bestselling acts such as the explosively popular Morning Musume and their offshoots, such as Aya Matsuura.

Tsunku here handles a song by the dynamic duo of Tekla Bądarzewska-Baranowska and Pyotr Tchaikovsky, now functioning as–what else?–an idol unit by the name of “Claskey:Klasky”… Produced by none other than Johann Bach. Unlike the other songs on this list, this one appears to be a fully original idol song not based on a previously-existing classical composition and is credited to Tsunku. In the story, Bach is shown to be mysteriously using the ClassicaLoids for some shady purpose, and these idol performances are part of that intricate plan.

I Feel Like I Can’t Deal With This
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Tofubeats is a young DJ and producer who very recently exploded onto the Japanese music scene and has taken it by storm with some hip dance grooves.

On ClassicaLoid, he had the honor of adapting Mozart’s famous “Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik” into a synthpop extravaganza featuring Kana Hoshizaki (Aikatsu!) on vocals.

Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik
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Daisuke Asakura

Daisuke Asakura handles the updated version of Franz Liszt’s “Love Dream.” Now re-titled “Love-Arrow Dream,” it is newly updated with a much more up-tempo electro-beat. In the anime, Liszt calls out “Music is love!” as she begins her magical “muzik” routine. This causes a muscular Cupid to shoot arrows of love targeted at both Chopin and Kanae, temporarily making them fall head over heels for each other and sweeping the issue of Chopin avoiding rent payments under the rug for a while. The new lyrics here are sung by Yoko Ishida, a veteran anison singer who is perhaps most fresh in the minds of anime fans because of her work on Strike Witches and Shirobako.

Love-Arrow Dream
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Mexican-born musician EHAMIC produced a unique rendition of Chopin’s famous Nocturne Op.9, No.2, entitled “4.A.M. Nocturne” that features electronic vocals (and did the same with the piece “Midnight Moon”).

Midnight Moon
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Back in 2011, EHAMIC used Vocaloid technology when he composed a commercial image song for the Lawson convenience store, featuring an augmented reality character. This was his big break. As an added bonus, the virtual character also had her dance choreography handled by Avex superstars TRF’s incredibly popular master dancer, Sam.

Keep an ear out for other famous Japanese musicians making cameos in ClassicaLoid!

More importantly, make sure you get hold of the music! The official ClassicaLoid Twitter announced that this month two albums will be released concurrently, one being a collection of the original classical works of the main “stars” of the show:

…And the other, a compilation of the brand-new remixes/re-arrangements:

You can also check out previews of the tracks on the albums here below, courtesy of the official Sunrise Music Publishing channel.

ClassicaLoid is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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