Genre: Romance
Season: Winter 2017
Premiere Date: January 5, 2017


Initially announced in October 2016, the SEIREN anime is from the same staff as the Amagami SS anime. The anime is technically a sequel to Amagami SS set nine years in the future, with one of the heroine’s younger brothers starring in SEIREN as the protagonist’s best friend. The anime is an omnibus romance series, with the hero falling in love with a different heroine in each different arc.


Pure love stories between innocent and lovely girls

Shouichi Kamita is an ordinary high school boy, who is faced with university entrance exams and worries about his future. This campus romantic comedy, SEIREN (Seiren means honest in Japanese), depicts his pure relationship with three different heroines. Each story is the unique and mutual memory between him and the heroine.


Hikari Tsuneki
Voice: Ayane Sakura


The modern, playful girl

The always-cheerful idol of her class. She was runner-up of last year’s Miss Santa Contest, and even has a seat reserved for her use on the terrace. She loves to eat, and can be a bit stubborn from time to time.

Birthday: November 30
Class: Teruhi Higashi High School, Class 2-B
Likes: Eating
Dislikes: Cigarette smoke
Blood Type: O

Kyouko Touno
Voice: Juri Kimura


The childhood friend who acts like she’s in middle school

The childhood friend of our protagonist who often played with him at the park on the hill. An honors student, her grades are top-notch. However, despite this, she also has a more childish side to her as well, with reading shōjo manga being a hobby of hers. She has a bit of complex regarding this point of her personality.

Birthday: February 22
Class: Teruhi Higashi High School, Class 1-A
Likes: Horror manga, love stories
Dislikes: Staying up late
Blood Type: B

Miu Hiyama
Voice: Shiori Izawa


The swimming club member from an elite girls’ high school

A swimming club member at a school for high-class ladies who’s just a little bit naïve about the world. She’s extremely popular, but is actually fairly innocent and gullible. She’s always attended a girls-only high school, so she can’t help but be jealous of couples at co-ed schools.

Birthday: August 5
Class: Sakuragawa Higashi High School, Class 2-D
Club: Swimming Club
Likes: Spacing out on packed trains
Dislikes: Seeing guys in swimsuits
Blood Type: A

Makoto Kamizaki
Voice: Shiori Mikami


The over-glamorous perfect girl

A first-year high school student who is part of the Public Morals Committee. She’s supposed to be warning people who break school rules, but because she’s such a pushover, she has trouble saying anything when anyone actually does anything. She has an elder sister who she loves from the bottom of her heart.

Birthday: June 7
Class: Teruhi Higashi High School, Class 1-A
Committee: Public Morals Committee
Likes: Going on trips with her family
Dislikes: The chairman of the Public Morals Committee when she’s being stubborn
Blood Type: O

Ruise Sanjyou
Voice: Honoka Kuroki


The gloomy chairman of the Public Morals Committee

The chairman of the Public Morals Committee, who has the best grades in her year. She hates anything illogical and is critical of those around her, but she also has a gentle side and is very good at taking care of her junior students.

Birthday: September 9
Class: Teruhi Higashi High School, Class 2-A
Committee: Public Morals Committee
Likes: Measuring herself in her room
Dislikes: None (can’t think of anything)
Blood Type: A

Toru Miyamae
Voice: Shino Shimoji


The critical upperclassman

A video game-loving girl with gaming skills who easily competes in tournaments. She’s also good with her hands, and even makes original homemade goods as a hobby. However, she’s not very good at talking with others and can’t keep a conversation going for very long.

Birthday: March 2
Class: Teruhi Higashi High School, Class 3-A
Likes: The view of Takamine Mountain she can see from her window
Dislikes: People asking her for romance advice
Blood Type: A

Tomoe Kamita
Voice: Manami Numakura


The Miss Santa who encourages her younger brother as he grows

The protagonist’s elder sister, who is one year older than him. She won the title of Miss Santa last year, and attracts those around her with her air-headed, idol-like disposition. Because of this, she has great popularity at school.

Birthday: May 20
Class: Teruhi Higashi High School, Class 3-A
Likes: Her brother’s growth
Dislikes: Throwing away things

Shouichi Kamita
Voice: Atsushi Tamaru


Although he can’t leave people in trouble alone, he has a habit of looking up at the sky and mumbling “what to do?” when he himself is in trouble. He’s a bit of a pervert with a tendency to fantasize about naughty things. Shouichi is a lover of games, be they on home consoles, in arcades, or elsewhere. He’s also the protagonist of this story.

Birthday: March 17
Class: Teruhi Higashi High School, Class 2-B
Club: None

Ikuo Nanasaki
Voice: Ryōta Asari


The cool best friend who’s good at looking after others

Shouichi’s childhood friend who was a bit of a prankster in elementary school, but eventually grew into a more calm personality thanks to his elder sister’s influence. His grades are top-notch.

Birthday: January 15
Class: Teruhi Higashi High School, Class 2-B
Likes: Surfing the net
Dislikes: His sister’s face when she’s sad
Blood Type: O

Tatsuya Araki
Voice: Takuya Eguchi


The sophisticated boy who loves animals

One of Shouichi’s gaming buddies. Araki has been a friend of Shouichi’s since middle school, and with his bright, dry personality and good looks, he has popularity with the ladies.

Birthday: April 28
Class: Teruhi Higashi High School, Class 3-D
Club: None

Masami Onigata
Voice: Yukari Tamura

onigataThe overly-optimistic homeroom teacher

The homeroom teacher for Shouichi’s class. She’s an English teacher with a very gentle personality.

Birthday: July 14
Likes: Forgetting about work while shopping for and cooking dinner
Dislikes: Tying her husband’s necktie

Yukie Takato
Voice: Saki Fujita


Hikari’s friend who is skilled at both love and academics

Hikari’s friend who serves as the straight man of their group of friends.


Birthday: August 8
Class: Teruhi Higashi High School, Class 2-B
Likes: Going shopping in her dad’s car
Dislikes: Grotesque things
Blood Type: A

Yoko Kikuchi
Voice: Yukiyo Fujii


The free-loving classmate

Hikari’s friend in the swimming club who has a bit of a tan. She’s in charge of making the stupid jokes in her group.

July 1
Class: Teruhi Higashi High School, Class 2-B
Likes: Strong living things
Dislikes: Fake laughter
Blood Type: B

Toka Maruishi
Voice: Juri Nagatsuma


The genius girl and rival of Miu

Miu Hiyama’s friend who is a member of the swimming club.

October 6
Class: Sakuragawa Higashi High School, Class 2-D
Likes: Freedom
Dislikes: Rock-Paper-Scissors
Blood Type: AB

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Original Story: Kisai Takayama (AMAGAMI SS)
Original Works, Series Supervisor: Kisai Takayama (AMAGAMI SS)
Original Character Design: Kisai Takayama (AMAGAMI SS)
Director: Tomoki Kobayashi (AMAGAMI SS+ plus)
Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama (DAGASHIKASHI)
Music: Nobuaki Nobuzawa (Seisen Cerberus)
Sound Production: DAX Production
Music Production: PONY CANYON
Animation Production: Studio Gokumi / AXsiZ

Theme Songs
Opening: “Kimi no Hana” by Hanako Oku
Ending: “Shunkan Happening” by Ayane Sakura


Atsushi Tamaru as Shouichi Kamita
Shino Shimoji as Toru Miyamae
Shiori Izawa as Miu Hiyama
Honoka Kuroki as Ruise Sanjyou
Ayane Sakura as Hikari Tsuneki
Shiori Mikami as Makoto Kamizaki
Juri Kimura as Kyouko Touno
Manami Numakura as Tomoe Kamita

©Kisai Takayama/Seiren Partners

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