When asked to explain the video game star of Hal Laboratory’s Kirby franchise, he’s usually described as a pink puffball. These new prizes from the Ichiban Kuji goods lottery seem to only solidify Kirby’s status as a puffball.

In Japan, a goods lottery is where you pay a certain amount of money to draw a lottery ticket. Depending on the letter written on it, that ticket will allow you to obtain a certain prize. In the “Hoshi no Kirby sweet party” lottery celebrating the franchise’s 25th anniversary, fans can pull one ticket for 620 yen, and are guaranteed to win one of eighteen prizes.

Here’s a look at the prize list:

A Prize – Full Tummy Kirby Plushie (1 type)


This happy-looking, soft-to-the-touch Kirby looks like he’s had his fill of snacks. You can even see a spot of cream by his mouth.

B Prize – Full Tummy Waddle Dee Plushie (1 type)


A soft and fluffy Waddle Dee with a very satisfied look on his face. When paired up with the Kirby plush, you can create the art from the main visual of the lottery (seen above).

C Prize – Blanket (1 type)


An 80-centimeter-wide fleece blanket decorated with brand new art designed with sweet pastel colors. The illustration on the blanket features Kirby and Waddle Dee with satisfied faces after they had a fun time and stuffed their faces with sweets.

D Prize – Kirby Teacup & Saucer


A teacup and saucer set with a star and sweets motif.

E Prize – Pastel Design Towel (4 types)

e1 e2 e3 e4

Fans who win this prize can choose one of four different pastel-colored towels. The square towels measure 25 centimeters, while the long towels measure 70 centimeters in length.

F – Rubber Keychain Collection (4 types)

f1 f2 f3 f4

Large rubber keychain straps themed after Kirby and Waddle Dee. They can also be used as coasters if you remove the chain. Winners can choose which design they want.

G Prize – Star Goods Collection (2 types)

g1 g2

Lucky winners of this prize can either choose an adorable star-shaped scrunchie with a Kirby with a dollop of cream on his head, or a fluffy and soft star-shaped pouch.

H Prize – Set of Two Snack Charms – (4 types)

h1 h2 h3 h4

Winners of this prize can choose which set of two charms featuring Kirby and food they want. There are four different sets: lollypops, Maximum Tomato juice, waffles, and cookies.

In addition, the person who pulls the very last lot in a store’s lottery will be awarded with a different variation of the Kirby plushie:


The lottery will be available at Lawson, Ministop, and other convenience stores, book stores, hobby shops, and arcades around Japan beginning on January 21, 2017.

Kirby starred in his own anime series in 2001. 4Kids dubbed and broadcasted the anime in North America under the title Kirby: Right Back at Ya! in 2002. The latest main series Kirby game–Kirby: Planet Robobot–shipped in Japan in April, and in North America and Europe in June.

Image Copyright: © Nintendo/HAL Laboratory, Inc.

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