Move over, Sailor Moon. You’ve had your time in the sun this year. And even though it was well-deserved, it’s time for you to let another magical girl classic into the spotlight once more: Cardcaptor Sakura. Yes, Sakura Kinomoto is coming back in January 2018 with a sequel to the anime series that’s meant to follow CLAMP’s manga sequel Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc.

It’s awesome news to hear that one of the most beloved magical girls in anime is returning sixteen years after her first television debut, but what’s this news all about, anyway? For starters, what’s Cardcaptor Sakura all about? It follows a ten-year-old girl named Sakura Kinomoto who accidentally releases a set of strange cards while thumbing through a book in her basement one day. The Clow Cards, as they’re called, were created by the sorcerer Clow Reed, and each has its own magical personification, theme and attribute.

With her guide Kero-chan (Cerberus, the guardian of the cards) Sakura must retrieve all of the cards before the wreak havoc on the world. Essentially, that’s the plot–of course, there’s a whole lot more to it than that. But those are the basics, as far as what you need to know to decide whether or not it’s something you’d like to watch.

The manga follow-up has already been running in monthly girls’ manga anthology Nakayoshi, but for anyone who’s greedily consumed the anime adaptation’s seventy gorgeous episodes, what does that mean for the new anime series going forward? Are new fans going to be able to just jump right in? The short answer is no, and if you haven’t watched all of the original Cardcaptor Sakura series, movies, or read the manga, spoilers are below.

[Note: This article contains spoilers to the Cardcaptor Sakura anime and manga series.]

The Clear Card Arc is a direct continuation of the original series’ ending, beginning at the point where Sakura Kinomoto is beginning junior high in Tomoeda along with all of her friends seen by her side throughout the show, including her best friend Tomoyo. After Syaoran Li, Sakura’s love interest from the end of the series had departed to Hong Kong with a promise that he would soon come back, he does, and shows up in Tomoeda at the beginning of the manga series’ debut. Sakura had ended up confessing her true romantic feelings to Syaoran at the end of the second film, and so we finally get to see how they behave together in a relationship. Of course, Sakura is overjoyed, as she can now spend time with Syaoran, and the two cherish their time together. It’s really quite adorable.

However, it’s not long after that when Sakura has an eerie dream where she meets a cloaked figure and all of the Clow Cards she’s gathered suddenly turn blank, or “clear,” hence the title of the story arc. She must set out on a new quest, much like the first time around, though on her way to doing so she finds that the Clow Cards are a little different this time around, with different forms and beasts arising from them. Previously labeled the “Sakura Cards” since Sakura had imbued the Clow Cards with her own magic, the new ones are completely see-through, and have introduced new properties, like Aqua, Gale, Reflect, and Siege.

The manga series is still running, so it’ll have plenty of time to offer narrative to be explored in 2018, but for now this is a great time to go revisit the anime and manga or experience it all for the first time, if this genre is your thing. It’s a great year to be a magical girl fan!

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  1. Hoe?!

    Well, surprises aside, I am so excited for 2018. I mean, who wasn’t? Any veteran anime fan would’ve surely jumped in joy the moment CCS has a well-deserved sequel announced in the past few days.

    So, as a side note, I hope xxxHolic can be the next to have another sequel(despite the many sequels).

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  3. I’m unsure if “awesome” is a good term when it was one of the few conclusive manga done by CLAMP. At least, it marks a return of their ancient style (it looks a bit simpler but it’s still better than nothing).
    Plus, it comforts the people begging for continuations of their favourite manga/anime series in their ideas that even something well “wrapped-up” should not end.

    If you start reading the current manga after only watching the animation, you are left wondering what happens to Fujitaka (Sakura’s father) since the anime series kept the ending simple by omitting the end goal of the antagonist in the second story.
    If the new anime wants to be a sequel of the 90s one, it can’t feature the father’s side of the current manga. And I wonder if it will take the same road as before, stretching over and over the episodic content (after all, they already have the needed anime-only Cards for that)

  4. The first adaptation was not good, had a lot of stuffing, and censored and changed several things. I would have preferred a remake. I am sure that this new season will also have fill.

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