It can be hard to get proper exercise when you’re sitting at a desk all day at work and watching anime all night when you get home. And when you’re tired, the motivation to exercise is even harder to grasp.

I just got my health check back. While I got mostly perfect marks, my report said that I had a little bit of extra body fat. That’s why I felt a little inspired to move around when I started watching Anime De Training! Xx, an anime about girls doing exercises… and not much else.

The anime has a variety of cute anime girls performing real exercises in a variety of places, including a pool, a train, and a bedroom. The anime even provides a counter in the corner of the screen to show how many of each stretch you should perform at a time (although one of the girls tries to add extra digits to her count in order to finish early).

The biggest motivation for some people to exercise with the girls, however, is the fan service this show provides. Right off the bat, the anime’s camera focuses on the girls’ crotches, breasts, slightly red knees, and belly buttons as they clean, do somersaults, and ride the train. While the anime is only a few minutes per episode, the emphasis on artistic detail on these areas of the female body in this series is extremely obvious. There are also some “questionable” lines of dialogue that could be used in different situations, like, “That feels so good!” and “I’ll be on top.” This anime has fan service galore and doesn’t try to hide it in the slightest.

While the fan service doesn’t really appeal to me as a straight woman, I do feel motivation when watching this anime because, the fact is, it’s easier to get up and exercise when there’s someone else doing it with you. I can’t deny that while binge watching the series at my desk, I started raising up my legs in order to attempt tone my abs like the girls on screen.

And this show doesn’t lack motivation–in fact, that might be it’s strongest point. From the cheerleading song while the girls are jogging to burn off fat from the actual theme song “Cheer for you♪” with perky lyrics that encourage viewers to keep doing their best, the show might as well have its own set of pompoms at this point. Motivating yourself to exercise is hard to do, so having a cheering squad every single episode even when the exercises get harder is definitely a plus. Though, in the case of the new girl Sakura who can constantly be seen riding around on her hoverboard, she might need cheering from the viewer instead to finish her exercise routine.

If you need a fun companion to do short bursts of exercise with or just want to watch anime while working out, Anime de Training! Xx has you covered.

Anime de Training! Xx and its previous season are available to watch online with subtitles on Crunchyroll.

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