In the first few moments of HEYBOT!, “screwed” is used as a greeting (“screwed morning!”). This followed by Heybot having a case of flatulence and we see a creature that looks like it has a man’s reproductive organ as a nose. But that’s not all. From there, we see a bunch of aliens picking their noses frantically, with boogers flying through the air. The anime spares nothing and nobody. It is full-on disgusting. Raunchy. And it doesn’t apologize one bit for it. That’s all before the character Mandriver is struck where the sun doesn’t shine.

This is HEYBOT!, a show you might mistake for a kids’ series, but in truth it’s not really like that at all. Yes, there’s a small yellow robot that’s the real star of the show, but there’s a lot more going on under the surface that many viewers will definitely pick up on. Character Prince Nejiru is obsessed with screws to the point where it seems like it might be some kind of fetish. He’s also eleven years old, which makes that more than a little bizarre.

He lives in a kingdom where humans live together with VocaBots–where screws hold everyone together, both literally and figuratively. On his birthday, he’s given a special treasure chest with a “long-awaited screw.” (The double entendres are a little ridiculous.) In any case, Nejiru gets his own screw, which he goes insane over. The Screw Soul, as it’s called, launches into space and Nejiru is on his way to see where it leads. Of course it leads him to the ‘bot that’s meant for him, Heybot, an adorable little yellow fellow who’s just as naughty with the screw jokes as the rest of the cast. It’s bizarre, really, but hilarious.

A massive number of fart jokes and lewd humor follows from there, even from the main character. There’s so many sexual jokes I lost count during the first few episodes. Lines like “battery virgin” or things like “Feels so good!” when talking about, well, screwing in screws can certainly be taken the wrong way. I know it appears to be aimed at children, but I can’t help but think parents might take issue with these raunchy comments and the content of the show in general.

Luckily, it’s really speaking my language. There aren’t enough series out there for this season to really take these types of jokes and run with them. Personally, the juxtaposition of the adorable characters, colorful design, and lesser-detailed cast is jarring in a great way. You assume it’s going to be pandering, adorable, and sweet, but you get lines that sound as though they were ripped straight from your favorite sexual-themed comedy instead. There’s a heavy reliance on the “screw” one-liners, but if you’ve got a juvenile mind like me, you’ll giggle every time they come on screen.

If I had to liken HEYBOT! to something, it’d be an acute mixture of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and the riotous Needless, because buried within it is a viable storyline if you give it a chance. But it works so well as a comedy with all its craziness and sexual jokes as well as the farts and boogers everywhere it really doesn’t matter what it’s about.

You can sit and veg out, turn off your brain, and enjoy what HEYBOT! is throwing at you, especially if you’re an adult who happens to love that kind of humor. I do, and I’m doubly appreciative since I didn’t see this type of show coming when initially looking over the anime I wanted to cover this season. I’m going to stick with it. Who knows? It may end up being one of my favorites.

HEYBOT! can be viewed with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

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